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Methods of industrial espionage collection

What is the rationale behind the sovereign and corporate industrial espionage strategic intent, and how it is done?

In the zone

More focused and purposeful information will give companies greater customer insight.

The rise of industrial espionage in SA

Industrial espionage is a huge economic activity involving both state and private business entities.

Decisions, decisions

It is imperative to understand the decision-making process and how this can impact a company.

Avoiding VDI pitfalls

Virtual desktop infrastructure implementation requires change, something that can open up room for error.

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Top news

Governance, Risk and Compliance conference 2015
24 & 25 Feb - Conference /26 Feb - Workshop
The Forum, Bryanston
Full day workshop: GRC architecture and design
Take a risk-focused approach to developing a GRC information architecture. Align GRC with business performance, strategy, and objectives
Presented by Michael Rasmussen, chief GRC pundit, GRC 20/20
Yolanda Smit


Strategic planning


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