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HACKATHON Generation Hacker: GenZ vs. GenAI

#SS24HACK 4 – 5 June 2024 Sandton Convention Centre 2 Days

In the face of the evolving digital landscape, the threat of cybercrime looms large, with projections indicating alarming growth. The urgency for innovative solutions has never been more palpable. Artificial intelligence (AI) stands as a transformative force, reshaping the cyber terrain with its dual promise and peril. As AI revolutionizes cybersecurity, it unveils new vistas of opportunity while concurrently unveiling fresh challenges. These new threats, require a new type of defence…

ITWeb in partnership with Geekulcha bring you the #SS24HACK, an initiative that has become a cornerstone in the industry. Drawing in technology experts and aspiring tech enthusiasts alike, the #SS24HACK is the ultimate cyber security hackathon experience!

Young local talents will converge to craft solutions embodying proactive security measures for the digital age. Mentored by seasoned professionals, participants will delve into the world of cyber security, honing their skills and contributing to the defense against cyber threats.

Join us at the Sandton Convention Centre, where #SS24HACK will run concurrently with the ITWeb Security Summit 2024, promising an electrifying atmosphere of innovation and skill-building.

The hackathon serves as a vital catalyst for skills enhancement, empowering ICT students, techpreneurs, and cyber security enthusiasts to stay ahead of the curve. Through collaborative efforts and mentorship, we pave the way for a more secure digital future.

Together, let's build a safer digital world.

For the participants

ITWeb in partnership with Geekulcha invites you into the world of deceit, deception, malice, a world of wits, smarts, expertise and of the heroes who defend and protect against cyber crime. A world of cyber security and zero trust.

If you've got IT or cyber security skills and want to test your skills, or want to up your level, come learn from top professionals, compete against your peers and win cash prizes and career opportunities.

#SS24HACK officially starts with the Ideathon for training, idea generation, and preselection. Dates to be announced. There you will learn from the mentors about the world of cyber security along with the specific challenges you can participate in this year.

You'll team up in groups and apply for challenges or submit ideas of what you can build or showcase, and where the top entries will be taken through to the main event, held alongside ITWeb's 18th Security Summit, the definitive event for information security professionals.

Hackathon Rules

Rule: 1 One person is not allowed to be in more than one team

Rule: 2 You are not allowed to hack into hackathon platforms and summit delegates

Rule: 3 Your solution must be developed at the hackathon

Rule: 4 Have fun..!


To prepare participants for the Hackathon, this year, TWO IDEATHONs will be scheduled for training and idea generation. Dates will be announced. A panel of industry leaders run training sessions for the participants to acquire concepts and guidance in development of their #SS24HACK projects. Teams will be selected to participate at the Security Summit Hackathon. Date to be announced. These teams will be selected by Hackathon mentors after the IDEATHON.


Detection with GenAI (Part 1): PaperCut (CVE-2023-27350)


Steve Jump

Director, Strategist, Coach and Mentor

Bernard Mashala

Endpoint Security & IT Operations Specialist, Transnet

Muzi Ntombela


Thulani Mabuza

Business and Cybersecurity Mentorship, Orange Cyberdefense

Ivan Regasek


Tiyani Nghonyama

COO, Geekulcha

For the industry

Over the years, the hackathon has played a pivotal role in improving cyber security skills, tools and capabilities of ICT students, young techpreneurs and cyber security aficionados.

If you are a cyber security professional we ask that you give a little of your time, to share the knowledge and spread the skills, and to become a mentor. Warning, it is rewarding and addictive and you may find it extremely fun.

If you are a delegate at the Summit, we invite you to come past the participants, look at what they are doing, give them advice or otherwise just say hello.



If you are a marketer or want to be associated with initiatives like these, or just want to see them better and more, support us by contacting Debbie Visser for a breakdown of sponsorship opportunities available.


1st R20000 and paid 12 month internship at Snode

2nd R10000

3rd R5000

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