How resilient is your business?

COVID-19 triggered significant changes for organisations. Initially, the main focus was to enable the increase of remote working, but the pandemic also triggered an acceleration of digital transformation as businesses attempted to improve their resilience.

In this rush to adapt, security suffered. With threats proliferating, the impacts of attacks grew greater. According to the 2021 IBM Cost of a Data Breach report, the average cost of a breach in an organisation with 81-100% of employees working remotely is R83m ($5.54m). For organisations where remote work adoption was 50% and more, it took an average of 235 days to identify and 81 days to contain a breach – 316 days in total. Breaches cost organisations not only in revenues, but also in downtime and reputational damage. Clearly, security is key to business resilience.

As a result, security is back in the spotlight and it’s time to rearchitect the environment for future business resilience.

Gijima and IBM, in collaboration with ITWeb, invite you to this webinar to discover the trends, strategies and solutions for ongoing business resilience. Our experts will deep dive into current security postures, how to address the wholesale changes made over the past year, and how to ensure you are adequately protected and prepared to respond proactively to the ever-increasing threats.