4Sight to host virtual Converge Summit 2020 – accelerating businesses to the realm of Enterprise 5.0

Johannesburg, 14 Oct 2020
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On 22 October, 4Sight will be hosting Converge Summit 2020. This 100% virtual summit is a completely interactive life-like digital experience providing delegates with a full range of exciting presentations and engagements through a completely cloud-hosted events platform.

The summit aims to highlight the convergence of operational technologies (OT), IT and business environment (BE) across a range of topics. The central theme will focus on how organisations can quantum leap themselves to the realm of Enterprise 5.0 through 4IR technologies, people and data-focused solutions.

With over 250 companies and more than 500 delegates already registered for the summit, 4Sight has created a unique lounge and social engagement setting within the event platform that constantly keeps and triggers the interest of each delegate throughout the day.

The lobby of the Converge Summit 2020 Virtual Event.
The lobby of the Converge Summit 2020 Virtual Event.

Joining the 4Sight team on the virtual stage are world leading partners such as Microsoft, AspenTech, Sage and many more. Guest speakers from across the world will share thought leadership and key insights that will help forward-thinking executives rethink their current processes and business blueprints. The panel of speakers from some of the world’s most well-known technology companies have been put together to inspire delegates with innovative ideas that can be implemented across any digital transformation journey.

“Organisations that embrace the convergence of the OT, IT and BE worlds, as well as get their cloud, data and security strategies right, will be able to benefit from 4IR technologies – and will be ready for the next step, the fifth industrial revolution. This will allow organisations to place people and customers at the centre of all digital transformation initiatives. We will be showcasing how easy it is to accelerate and embrace this convergence at Converge Summit 2020,” says Tertius Zitzke, CEO of 4Sight.

The summit will cover a wide range of topics, with five keynote presentations, 34+ emerging tech presentations, 10 interactive exhibitions and more than 500 networking opportunities. The aim is not only about supplying innovative solutions but also giving a broader understanding of how various technologies can be used to fit into business processes.

Headlining the summit are some of the smartest minds in the technology sector, including Lillian Barnard (Managing Director of Microsoft South Africa); Antonio Pietri (CEO of AspenTech); Professor Herman Singh (CEO of Future Factory); and Craig Wing (Futurist at FutureWorld). Other speakers include Zitzke; Dr Paige-Marie Morse (Strategy and market expert for chemical and energy at AspenTech); and Gerhard Hartman (Vice-President, Medium Business, Sage Africa & Middle East) to name just a few.

To attend Converge Summit 2020, please go to: www.registertoday.co.za and register for free. 

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