Absolute Hosting, League Digital: Powerful WordPress partnership

Johannesburg, 15 Sep 2023
Combine top-notch hosting services with expert website design.
Combine top-notch hosting services with expert website design.

Collaboration often sparks innovation and success in the dynamic landscape of web hosting and digital solutions. One such partnership set to redefine WordPress hosting and website development is the dynamic alliance between Absolute Hosting and League Digital.

Absolute Hosting, which positions itself as a leader in web hosting services, recently launched an AMD EPYC Genoa-powered WordPress hosting solution, and it has chosen full-service agency League Digital as its WordPress implementation partner.

This strategic alliance aims to offer businesses a comprehensive package, combining top-notch hosting services with expert website design and development capabilities to provide clients with myriad benefits.

Spring special: 20% off WordPress hosting, web services

To celebrate their partnership, Absolute Hosting and League Digital offer a limited-time promotion until the end of October 2023. Enjoy a generous 20% discount on WordPress hosting and web management and development services. Seize this opportunity to enhance your online presence with premium hosting and expert website services.

Optimised performance, security features

Absolute Hosting's WordPress hosting is tailored for peak performance and fortified security. It ensures swift loading times, improving user experiences and SEO rankings. Additionally, robust security measures, including firewall protection, malware scans and frequent software updates, minimise hacking risks, instilling confidence in businesses and their clientele.

Convenience with automatic backups, scalability

Data security is paramount, and Absolute Hosting provides automated backups for swift issue resolution. Scalability is seamless, allowing resources to adapt smoothly to growing demands, enabling businesses to expand effortlessly.

Dedicated support, staging environments

Absolute Hosting's expert support team, well-versed in WordPress intricacies, ensures a seamless experience. Staging environments allow safe testing of updates, themes and plugins, ensuring a smooth user experience.

Effortless updates and high uptime

Automatic updates for WordPress core, themes and plugins keep websites current and secure without manual effort. With a reliable hosting infrastructure and continuous server monitoring, it guarantees minimal downtime, ensuring round-the-clock website availability.

League Digital: Your trusted WordPress development partner

League Digital comprises seasoned WordPress development experts with the requisite knowledge and extensive experience to build a solid, high-performing web presence. Whether it’s a small business seeking an effective website or a large corporation needing intricate WordPress solutions, League Digital offers the expertise and capabilities to accommodate unique needs.


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