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Local blockchain initiative gets Silicon Valley backing

Riccardo `Fluffypony' Spagni announces a new open source blockchain protocol, Tari, being built to manage digital assets.

Dealing with sophisticated, organised cyber threats

Security Summit 2018

To defeat multi-vector and multi-staged attacks, companies need an integrated architectural approach, says Cisco's John Maynard.

Illegal crypto-currency miners pocket $100m to date

We can expect an increase in malicious coin miners, driven by the prospect of financial gains and increased anonymity, says Helge Husemann of Malwarebytes.

Google pledges $6m to start-ups in Africa


The tech giant hosts a competition for African tech-based NGOs to apply for up to $6 million in funding through the Google Impact Challenge.

Cloud to generate 112 000 new SA jobs by 2022

The adoption of cloud services will generate over 100 000 new jobs in SA over the next five years and spending on public cloud will nearly triple by 2022, says IDC.

Automation will take over day-to-day IT security jobs

And that is not necessarily a bad thing for cyber security professionals, said Netskope's Neil Thacker.

HP steps ahead with customised insoles

3D scanning looks to become a phenomenon in footwear manufacturing, with US football teams adopting new technologies to provide better conditions for players' feet.

3D printing presents trillion-dollar goldmine

Hewlett Packard targets the $12 trillion manufacturing industry as it looks to make 3D printing a substantial part of its business.

We are making users scapegoats for our failings


You can patch humans: it's called education, says SphereNY's Jason Street.

Profile hackers to stop them in their tracks


There are five kinds of hackers, says Mikko Hypponen, keynote speaker at ITWeb Security Summit 2018.

Tender Watch: Bouncing back

This week's National Tender Bulletin sees government procurement return to pre-presidential change levels.

Endpoints the new frontier in security battle


Over half of successful cyber attacks are on endpoints, says Jeremy Matthews, Panda Security Africa.

POPI set to be a 'rude awakening' for SA businesses

The industry watchdog will be looking to make an impact when the legislation finally comes into force, says Webber Wentzel.

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