10 hours ago

Alphabet's Project Loon debuts commercial deployment in Africa

Remote and rural areas in Kenya will be able to connect to high-speed Internet next year, thanks to Loon's balloons.

Cloud Networking Survey 2018

10 Jul

Is your application performance in the cloud optimised?

Ex-Checkpoint SA country manager joins rival Fortinet

7 hours ago

Doros Hadjizenonos has been appointed as the new regional sales director for Fortinet Southern Africa with effect from 1 July, 2018.

More municipalities go digital to boost service delivery

9 hours ago

Local government municipalities are in a race to provide citizens with smart solutions in order to increase service efficiency and visibility.

Local start-up links fiat and crypto-currencies

10 hours ago

BVNK uses its application programming interface-driven platform to drive the integration of fiat and crypto-currencies.

Internet Solutions MD confirms imminent job cuts

Internet Solutions formal is going through a consultation process with employees in the face of looming retrenchments.

Cyber criminals bait users with fake gift cards

11 hours ago

Remember that there is no free lunch, and always treat offers that seem too good to be true with scepticism, says Kaspersky Lab.

Opinion and insight

Money-grabbing EU snaffles $5 billion from Google

The massive fine against Google by European competition authorities is a money grab that hardly benefits its own consumers, and raises prices for everyone else.

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Roundtable: Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT: Its moment has come

For years, there has been talk of the wonders of the Internet of Things (IoT). Enabling machines to send and receive data has long been touted as the next big thing, but although it has held a lot of promise, IoT never really seemed to get out of the starting blocks. This seems to be changing. As devices are becoming 'smarter' and cheaper, networks are being configured to handle large quantities of data.