SA blockchain experts target crypto exchange disruption

TrustBar claims it will launch the first global crypto-currency exchange that allows cross-chain trading through one transaction.

ICT skills survey 2018

1 Jun

The race is on to attract and retain ICT skills.

Govt must build skills for digital economy

34 minutes ago

Government will double down on infrastructure to ensure SA is not left behind in the fourth industrial revolution, says deputy comms minister Pinky Kekana.

How much SA's telcos are making per user


Vodacom has the highest average revenue per user out of SA's mobile networks and also has by far the most customers.

No improvement in SA's digital ranking

New research shows a decline in SA's overall digital ranking, but improvement in regulatory frameworks and investment in telecoms bode well for the country's digital future.

Facebook intros YouTube-esque earning model


The world's largest social network will soon offer ways for video creators on the platform to monetise their content.

Fileless, zero-footprint cyber attacks on the rise


Malware authors are adding coin mining features to their tools, even if the primary aim isn't coin mining, according to Morphisec Threat Report.

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Roundtable: FTTH and FTTB

FTTH and FTTB: What it means for your business

Fibre to the Home (FTTH) and Fibre to the Business (FTTB) are game changers, in that it means a lot more than just having a faster way to stream video services like Netflix and Showmax. This roundtable looks at how fibre will affect business and the country at large.