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7 hours ago

Guptas abandon Sahara Computers

The controversial family has reportedly closed shop at one of its key companies in SA.

Lessons to be learnt in IIOT, machine learning

The African Leadership University, in partnership with General Electric, offers an industrial Internet programme aimed at gearing up for Industry 4.0.

Wikipedia Zero will soon be no more

5 hours ago

Free Wikipedia access will cease this year as interest in the initiative shrinks.

SITA challenges ECape's procurement deviations

6 hours ago

The agency calls time on being abused for following principled processes, and seeks an investigation into the Eastern Cape's broadband project.

Workday snatches Mdwaba away from SAS

6 hours ago

The local arm of the US-based company will be led by former country leader for SAS, Zuko Mdwaba.

How to get back what Google took away

6 hours ago

The search engine giant incited outrage when it removed its View Image button; however, a new extension can re-implement the function.

Reporting data breaches under POPIA has its challenges

The first challenge with incident reporting under POPIA is determining whether or not to report.

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Google buys Xively

9 hours ago

The Internet giant aims to capture sales from businesses that manage a growing number of devices connected to the Net.

Uncle Sam wants you

Ripped jeans, ponytails, dev geeks - a disruptive, innovative and technical breed of test consultant is on the way...

On-the-job training with IA

Intelligence augmentation has the power to transform labour markets forever.

Craving a human touch

Data humanisation contextualises the data in order to make customer interactions more natural.

Cover your tracks

Your digital footprint is as clear an indication of your activities as your actual footprint; ensure you stay on the right path.

Love, compassion and other lessons from WEF 2018

With a well-timed focus on "creating a shared future in a fractured world", WEF 2018 also addressed the cyber-powered elephant in the room.

Why data loss prevention should be top priority

31 Jan

DLP solutions build extra layers of protection against data theft using deep content analysis and identification techniques.

Expanding data horizons

Jan 19, 2018

Attempting to find purposeful insights in data could be futile, unless you correlate those (often siloed) insights objectively.

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Blockchain: Past, present and future

Stop worrying about putting the cart before the horse; with blockchain, there may be no need for a cart or horse at all.
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