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Huawei gears up to create its own ecosystem

The Chinese manufacturer will unveil a host of apps, made exclusively for Huawei smartphones, in SA by the end of this year.

POPI Survey 2018


How ready is your organisation to comply with the POPI Act?

Naspers to sell some Tencent shares


The global Internet and entertainment giant plans to reduce its Tencent stake by 2%.

Govt eyes digital payments for all SASSA grants

The state encourages 2.8 million beneficiaries to opt to receive social grant payments via electronic platforms.

Impatient, dynamic Generation Z's role in a digital Africa


Technology is empowering those born between 1995 and the early 2000s to do things no other generation before them could.

Gamblers turn to blockchain for fairness

Decentralised gambling creates gambling services with near-zero fees that have no ability to cheat.

Vivaldi and DuckDuckGo partner to boost user privacy


Twenty-four percent of adults in the US are taking significant action to protect their online privacy, says a survey.

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