Of cupcakes and sharks

Discovery Bank’s business model is all about using incentives to get people to make better financial decisions. Head of client insights, Akash Dowra, tells us more.

The unknown number

Public cloud may be famously ubiquitous and flexible, but it’s also becoming well known for unexpected costs and budget overruns.

Intelligent edge: The future of cloud computing?

With so much data being created, the ability to collate and process it at source provides numerous benefits.

The mining industry, modernised

The MMP seeks to revitalise mining research, development and innovation. Here’s what it’s doing to ensure the sustainability of the mining industry.

Kirsten Doyle Apr 12, 2022

AI in real life

How is artificial intelligence evolving in key industries?

Tamsin Oxford Apr 5, 2022

The future of the PC

Like Winston Churchill and the mainframe, the PC has been declared dead long before its time.

Matthew Burbidge Mar 29, 2022

Open RAN: The final frontier

How Open RAN is changing the world of telecommunications, one network at a time.

Rodney Weidemann Mar 22, 2022

Taking health tech to the world

South African venture capital firm HAVAIC is putting its weight behind a number of local innovative startups hoping to help heal the world.

Joanne Carew Mar 15, 2022

You can have a car in any colour, as long as it’s electric

With the vehicle manufacturer officially punting an electric future, Gary Redmond, Ford’s Southern Africa’s director of IT, believes there are many fresh opportunities to innovate.

Kirsten Doyle Mar 9, 2022

The future is multicloud

The idea that your cloud strategy can rely solely on one service provider is outdated. It’s not just thinking about the high-level infrastructure and platforms for the applications developers; what about your shadow IT estate? How can you manage the cloud sprawl?

Tamsin Oxford Mar 1, 2022

The central enterprise nervous system

The era of fresh and shiny networking has arrived, bringing with it all kinds of evolving capabilities and functionalities.

Joanne Carew Feb 22, 2022

Taking Africa's first high-speed train into the future

Digital transformation at the Gautrain is all about efficiency, automation and customer experience, says the company’s CIO Nkhanedzeni Lugisani.

Kirsten Doyle Feb 8, 2022

Rearchitecting applications

Containerisation has been a major shift in the way people build and manage their applications.