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Am I secure in the cloud?

While most businesses know and understand the benefits of cloud, some still struggle with security.

Tech is shaping your shopping

The use of technology in retailing is no longer just about going online. Retailers are monitoring your spend - but (mostly) so they can serve you better.

Storage: Getting the strategy right

6 Apr

Picking the right data storage strategy is not easy. Cloud computing has given business a lot of options, but there are still those who argue that storing data onsite is a good option. How does a business pick a storage strategy that stays within the budget, but also has any eye for its future needs? This storage roundtable discussed how to come up with and put in place a strategy that effectively deals with storage needs.

Training in an alternate reality

From gamification to augmented and virtual reality, training and skills development solutions are revolutionising how employees learn.

The Big Five: enterprise software trends to watch in 2018

From user experience to automation - a big shakeup is set to take place in the enterprise software space.

Cutting out the plague

Mar 14, 2018

Overworked doctors may soon find some help via the growing trend towards eHealth solutions.

The evolution of the datacentre

Mar 9, 2018

Company executives have a lot of big decisions to make when it comes to their datacentres. There is compelling argument to do away with it all together and transfer all the data into some outsourced facility. But there are also reasons to keep the datacentre on-premise. This roundtable dives into the reasons for and against these moves.

Has OSS finally come into its own?

Feb 27, 2018

We are using open source software without realising it, and now the business case for enterprise seems to be here.

Access denied

Digital transformation is leaving no stone unturned as it disrupts every industry, system and business.

Blockchain: Past, present and future

Feb 13, 2018

Stop worrying about putting the cart before the horse; with blockchain, there may be no need for a cart or horse at all.

Desktop virtualisation: why it's still relevant

When the concept of desktop virtualisation arrived a few years ago, it promised the world. Where previously, businesses had to manage specifics, like what applications were loaded onto each PC manually, virtualisation allowed them do so remotely via centralised control. Desktop virtualisation, in effect, enables organisations to give their employees the flexibility to work anywhere, on any devices, but without compromising security. Virtualisation also protects a business in the case of an unforeseen event. If bad weather, for instance, prevented its employees from coming to work, it could have them work from home.

The new worker: building the skills base for the future enterprise

Jan 30, 2018

Workers shouldn't see technology as a threat, but rather an asset to help them get their jobs done.

Green IT. Now.

Jan 18, 2018

Green innovation and application is changing the business case for investment.