Industry Insight

CASB is the answer, but are we asking the right questions?

It is boom time for the cloud access security broker market as every business that uses the cloud needs the solutions in one form or another.


Robotics and you

Cobots will become the friendly face of workplace automation, actively designed and marketed as a partner that will work alongside us.


Hyper-availability: Hype or mission-critical tactic?

Unpacking hyper-availability and what it really means to businesses, as downtime for even minutes could cause irreparable damage to revenue and productivity.


Building SA’s 4IR readiness capability at high velocity

Organisations that have mastered coping with paradoxical and competing demands will survive the fourth industrial revolution era. Here’s how they will do it.

4 Oct

What constitutes a true, secure SD-WAN?

With over 40 vendors competing for a slice of an increasingly lucrative pie, some SD-WAN offerings are in danger of being promoted beyond their capabilities.

1 Oct

Mainframe imperative across entire customer journey

Why focusing on the customer experience is crucial to a good mainframe investment protection strategy.

26 Sep

Modernise mainframe to attract top talent

Continuing to attract mainframe talent is not sustainable without a fundamental shift toward a modern mainframe experience.

19 Sep

Mainframe: Antiquated work horse or evolving war horse?

Peeling back the skin on the mainframe to highlight the business application benefits and why it will continue to evolve as an essential technology well into the future.

Sep 12, 2019

CTO expertise without the expense

Why CIOs, CTOs and other ICT executives could benefit from the services of a fractional CTO.

Sep 6, 2019

Unlocking the true value of data

Choosing the right project delivery approach is key for big data project success.

Sep 3, 2019

The new WAN technology sweeping the globe

Many are unaware of the scale of the SD-WAN phenomenon and are in danger of missing out on monetisation opportunities.

Aug 29, 2019

Reinvent, repackage, rinse, repeat

Think your business isn't threatened by digital disruption? Think again.

Aug 23, 2019