Industry Insight

How to step up data privacy in 2022

To take control of data privacy, companies must overcome the challenge of exponential data growth to discover and accurately classify all sensitive and personal data.

Fintech redefined through buy-now-pay-later

Buy-now-pay-later services increase in popularity and valuation, as the low-cost, multiple-instalment appeal of BNPL results in an astounding increase in such payments.

Empowering users to join the data value chain

Data self-service is undoubtedly key to business agility, but the process must start with building a solid data culture in the organisation.

Feeding a knowledge-intensive society

The increasing innovative use of artificial intelligence and knowledge management will ensure an integrated organisational capability in Society 5.0.

Ajay Lalu Dec 15, 2021

Is South Africa ready for the fourth industrial revolution?

SA, and possibly Cape Town in particular, can become Africa's Silicon Valley, but we need to create an eco-system of support for all internet of things start-ups.

Mervyn Mooi Dec 14, 2021

Data governance has yet to mature

The management of the data landscape can quickly become a nightmare for even the most dedicated and skilled teams, due to the vastness and implications of the task.

Chris Visagie Dec 10, 2021

Attaining the right level of application security

The evolution of AppSec maturity is accelerated through tech deployments and requires a combination of automation, capabilities, people, processes and culture.

Wynand Smit Dec 9, 2021

Shake it up, CX! In 2022 the trends are all about you

Customer experience, customer engagement, customer, customer, customer – the future of the contact centre pivots around people.

Julian Thomas Dec 8, 2021

Exploring data warehousing alternatives

Companies should periodically re-evaluate their data warehouse approach and methodology, while avoiding the rabbit-hole of technology evaluation and selection.

Tim Wood Dec 7, 2021

Technology trends likely to dominate SA in 2022

Rein in radical expectations and analyse conditions unique to SA before planning for tech trends that will invigorate the medium-sized business space in 2022.

Unpacking data entanglement in the digital economy

Human rights, security, economics and technology make up the base of the digital economy, so we need a globally agreed-upon, interoperable definition of personal data.

Chris Visagie Dec 3, 2021

Facing up to the realities and complexities of AppSec

Application security, implemented via an appropriate AppSec programme, has never been more important, as digital shopping spikes over the festive season.

Ajay Lalu Dec 2, 2021

In the thick of the opportunity revolution

The fourth industrial revolution is characterised by a fusion of tech that is blurring the lines between the physical, digital and biological, creating endless possibilities.