Industry Insight

Don't forget about real life intelligence

Examining the unintended consequence of forgetting people in the age of the machines.

14 Aug

AI takes digitalisation the necessary step beyond

Connecting the physical to the digital enables AI to interpret what it learns to help humans overcome our greatest emerging challenges.

8 Aug

Ease stress with data modelling

Data modelling is the cornerstone of successful data and analytics.

3 Aug

Going bi-modal in an open environment

Bi-modal can facilitate an integrated way of storing data securely, managing it and analysing it in an almost real-time environment.

2 Aug

Fighting hackers with AI-backed infrastructure

Smart companies use artificial intelligence, advanced machine learning, or the power of neural networks to stop hackers in their tracks.

1 Aug

It's time to rethink knowledge management approach

Liberate knowledge management from the primary role of logic capture and replication, and hand it over to digital intelligence.

31 Jul

Hyper-connectivity is pointless without cyber intelligence

An integrated platform powered by an artificial, neural, or machine intelligence can shift through vast data resources to provide usable intelligence.

25 Jul

AI can hunt the hackers using IOT against us

The Internet of things universe and its countless minions can be harnessed to our will to secure networks.

Jul 18, 2018

Making the case for expert logic

Here's why artificial intelligence solutions won't transform your company's assisted service capability.

Jul 17, 2018

Millennials don't care about security

It's time to bust the myth. Millennials do in fact care about their security and online safety but are too trusting to recognise real threats.

Jul 13, 2018

Securely exposing data in agile organisations

Securing unstructured data in companies as they increasingly strive to be agile is of paramount importance.

Jul 12, 2018

AI presents rich tapestry for creative innovation

Artificial intelligence is definitely going places, so it's the perfect time for humans to get creative with it.

Jul 11, 2018