Industry Insight

What tech brings to healthcare in Africa and beyond

Tech-savvy healthcare providers will reap the benefits of cost reductions, better management of risk and more satisfied customers.

6 Dec

Data quality framework: Necessity or discretionary practice?

Companies that have a functional data quality framework are more likely to be at an advanced maturity level with regards to analytical capabilities.

5 Dec

Easing the mobile threat defence headache

Why mobile threat defence solutions are now an essential component of cyber security strategies.

4 Dec

The symbiotic relationship between cutting-edge tech

The evolution of SD-WAN will have a direct influence on improvements in artificial intelligence, machine learning and data analytics going forward.

3 Dec

The future of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has significant potential in South Africa, but must be applied correctly if it is to be successful.

29 Nov

Municipal cyber security on a shoestring

Municipalities are severely resource-constrained, but cyber attacks are a growing problem. Here’s what municipalities can do to mitigate risk on a budget.

28 Nov

Creating novel 4IR solutions for Africa

The design of 4IR solutions that address Africa’s problems cannot be solved by the application of canned approaches.

26 Nov

Tech, innovation industry underserved by SA education system

Sadly, the answer is unlikely to come from government, which is facing a crisis of its own: spikes in the matric dropout rate.

22 Nov

Unpacking the true cost of downtime

The critical need to protect against unplanned downtime from the full range of potential failures cannot be overstated.

21 Nov

Preparing for the future workplace

Research shows that even though tech-related skills are essential, soft skills will still be required in the fourth industrial revolution.

19 Nov

Compelling reasons for SA firms to comply with POPIA

Where does the Protection of Personal Information Act come into the data privacy picture for South African businesses?

14 Nov

Embarking on the AI journey

As with any business initiative, artificial intelligence projects must start with deciding which organisational goals need to be accomplished.

Nov 13, 2019

Academia, industry must strengthen 4IR research collaboration

Academic researchers in SA should work closely with civil society, non-profit organisations, state institutions and private sector organisations.

Nov 12, 2019