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Tanya Long 3 hours ago

The right people key to realising data analytics potential

Everybody is waking up to the power of data, but there’s less understanding of how to create a data analytics team that delivers results. Spoiler: it might not be necessary.

The most disruptive development yet?

Internet of things commerce will pave the way for new-generation technologies covering logistics, inventory and supply chain management.

Balancing risk vs reward in no-code, low-code

Despite the many benefits no-code, low-code and open source tools offer, there are downsides to these tools if they are not managed well.

Beware the bevy of black swans

At a time of unprecedented black swan events, a good data protection strategy remains absolutely priceless for all companies.

Take DataOps approach for quick digital transformation wins

Data is a pivotal part of any modernisation initiative, so it must be the first consideration when driving a digital transformation journey.

Key considerations when planning to migrate to the cloud, part two

An organisation must have a clearly-defined use case the cloud will satisfy, and a plan detailing the migration method and process that will be followed.

What next for small businesses in post-pandemic world?

Just as tech played a vital part in ensuring small businesses survived the pandemic, it can further propel them to success in the future.

Why business is moving to ‘pick ‘n mix' approach to software

Companies are now employing a broad variety of commercial, open source and low-code software where each makes the most sense.

Coping with life in the wild

The emerging anywhere/anytime working model requires a distinctly different security posture to ensure the organisation is resilient in the face of changing security threats.

Enterprise data requires persistent protection

Low-cost data storage, combined with elastic computation and data analytics services, shift big data deployments from on-premises to the cloud.

Getting there: Key success factors for retailers

Using data analytics to become truly customer-centric is now within reach for retailers, but they need to adopt a focused approach with a clear plan − or risk failure.

Why 5G ORAN will be used completely differently in Africa

ORAN is developing momentum for new business cases and with them compelling new revenue streams for African service providers.

Peter Clarke Jun 3, 2022

The new way to do disaster recovery

The “as-a-service” model is revolutionising the way organisations procure a lot of things. Disaster recovery is one of them − and for a very good reason.