Uncle Sam wants you

Ripped jeans, ponytails, dev geeks - a disruptive, innovative and technical breed of test consultant is on the way...

On-the-job training with IA

Intelligence augmentation has the power to transform labour markets forever.

Craving a human touch

Data humanisation contextualises the data in order to make customer interactions more natural.

Cover your tracks

Your digital footprint is as clear an indication of your activities as your actual footprint; ensure you stay on the right path.

Why data loss prevention should be top priority

31 Jan

DLP solutions build extra layers of protection against data theft using deep content analysis and identification techniques.

Why we test software

It's all about the customer; they are the reason we have jobs. And they are a fickle bunch.

Expanding data horizons

Jan 19, 2018

Attempting to find purposeful insights in data could be futile, unless you correlate those (often siloed) insights objectively.

The big data exploration: part two

Jan 18, 2018

It is important to choose an ecosystem that suits the entire company's current and planned strategic objectives.

A relic from the past?

Jan 9, 2018

Training providers of prospective and current software testing practitioners have not adapted their curricula in line with global trends.

'Tis the season for secure apps

Dec 8, 2017

Make sure apps don't disappoint this festive season.

App varieties: The spice of life

Nov 28, 2017

Network analytics and today's changing app landscape bring increasing challenges for network managers and administrators.

Conmen are everywhere

Nov 24, 2017

Total visibility at all times is crucial to prevent cyber criminals from seeking to influence a company's employees.

Solving the legacy conundrum with BPM

Business process management can help companies leverage their investment in legacy technology as part of their digitalisation journey.

Software testing interns thrown to the wolves

Nov 10, 2017

Most software quality and testing internship programmes are doomed to fail, and many of these youngsters will be left discouraged.

A culture of change

Nov 9, 2017

The customer experience is a central theme for contact centre trends in 2018.