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Dec 13, 2017

Internet of things report 2017

The African IOT Report 2017 looks at the evolving role of IOT across Africa, in terms of how it can support local businesses and also contribute to sustainability.

Document management empowerment for smart CIOs

Dec 5, 2017

The power of digital technologies does not come from the technology alone, but from how companies incorporate these, says Kyocera Document Solutions.

Civil registration and vital statistics systems

Dec 4, 2017

An analysis of the challenges and potential solutions to overcome them.

Path to MSSP

A SolarWinds report defines exactly what an MSSP is and identifies the existing opportunity for those who reach this standard.

Busbar power distribution systems gaining broader acceptance

They are rapidly gaining broader acceptance in North America due to their flexibility, safety and ability to reduce overall design and integration costs, says Rittal.

Managed document services - a business primer

Nov 20, 2017

Documents and their associated processes have a significant effect on commercial performance, both in terms of cost and function.

Ensuring network performance for public cloud providers

Nov 20, 2017

Cloud computing has emerged as an essential means by which enterprises realise digital transformation.

Engagement in the mobile-first world

Nov 17, 2017

Mobile solutions will continue to fundamentally change how people interact with organisations, says Aspect Software.

IEC devices take over from NEMA ones

The next evolutionary step in refining control panel design is through the use of busbar, says Rittal.

Cyber Kill Chain stops ransomware, post-breach threats

Nov 15, 2017

Threat intelligence information is provided from multiple detection engines and mapped against the Cyber Kill Chain stages, says Bitrate.

Quality management with actionable results

Nov 15, 2017

Gaining visibility, discipline and control at every customer touch point, says Aspect Software.

Practical benefits of modular industrial enclosures

Modular freestanding enclosures offer a number of key advantages when compared to traditional unibody enclosures, says Rittal.

Stainless steel enclosures and industrial applications

Nov 7, 2017

There are technical aspects of stainless steel that make it crucial to the selection of industrial enclosures, says Rittal.