Healthcare IT and privileged access security – an admin’s guide

The internet of medical things is the integration of interconnected medical devices, software and other services with healthcare IT systems over the internet.

EntelectMar 15, 2024

White paper: Diagnosing dysfunction: Causes and remedies for broken agile ways of working

Entelect’s white paper discusses ways to help teams maximise the benefits of agile ways of working.

White paperJan 19, 2024

White paper: Evolutionary fault tolerance

A new approach to availability in x86 architectures.

White paperJan 16, 2024

White paper: Six fundamentals of business resilience

Complete business resilience requires going beyond backup to ensure comprehensive coverage with automated policies.

EntelectJan 12, 2024

White paper: Think Fast: Applying design thinking in enterprise

Design thinking allows for swift decision-making, empowering teams to take calculated risks.

Open TextDec 1, 2023

White paper: The internet changed everything… with AI: everything must change

We have reached a critical mass in global connectivity, with over 5 billion people connected to an internet of clouds.

White paperNov 7, 2023

White paper: Transforming customer experiences

Leveraging the synergy of technology (true omnichannel and AI), customer-centric culture and reachability in the digital age for seamless experiences.


Report: 2023 Global Customer Experience

The rise of AI, cloud and the employee experience in shaping the CX of the future.


Report: SA and artificial intelligence

The potential impact of AI and generative AI across healthcare, education, financial inclusion and agriculture.

White paperSept 21, 2023

White paper: Edge computing a foundation for pursuing smart manufacturing initiatives

Resilient and future-proof edge computing infrastructure is essential for discrete manufacturing organisations.

White paperAug 16, 2023

White paper: The state of application security in 2023

Cloudflare observed matches for HTTP requests with leaked credentials at a rate of more than 12 000 per minute.

White paperJul 6, 2023

White paper: AI and its impact on the state of CX in South Africa

The integration of artificial intelligence into customer experience has been a game-changer for many businesses worldwide.