White paperAug 16, 2023

White paper: The state of application security in 2023

Cloudflare observed matches for HTTP requests with leaked credentials at a rate of more than 12 000 per minute.

White paperJul 6, 2023

White paper: AI and its impact on the state of CX in South Africa

The integration of artificial intelligence into customer experience has been a game-changer for many businesses worldwide.

White paperJul 5, 2023

White paper: Can ZTNA replace your VPN? Compare three remote access approaches

As remote access needs grow, organisations are increasingly shifting away from traditional VPN implementations.

AnomaliesJun 28, 2023

Detecting anomalies for cloud data

Monitoring cloud data and user activity for enhanced security.

VeritasJun 28, 2023

Reimagine the traditional 3-2-1 backup strategy

The six fundamentals to business and data resiliency.

White paperJun 14, 2023

White paper: The death of network hardware appliances and what it means for your cloud migration

During cloud migration, many networking functions remain on-premises, creating capacity limitations, a high total cost of ownership, support challenges and security gaps.

CiscoJun 5, 2023

White paper: Cisco’s Identity Services Engine helps secure your Xerox printer

Cisco ISE allows you to gain control over security and simplify printer fleet implementation through auto detection and classification of Xerox printers.


White paper: The three approaches of breach and attack simulation technologies

All BAS solutions are able to simulate a threat actor's hostile activities with some level of automation.


White paper: A roadmap to zero trust architecture

Fully implementing zero trust takes resources and effort – but it is achievable when tackled in individual steps.

White paperMay 24, 2023

White paper: Six ways to automate with LogicMonitor

In the world of monitoring, automation can shorten the time between alert and analysis and enable teams to deliver an always-on service.

NTTMay 18, 2023

White paper: Ten cases where networking made all the difference

Choosing the right network provider is crucial if you want to leverage the latest technology to drive business outcomes.

White paperApr 3, 2023

White paper: WANs beyond wires

Five strategies for greater agility, diversity and reach at the network edge.