Industry Solutions

IDC and Liferay release report analysing customer experience trends in the insurance industry

It is crucial for insurance companies to develop a relationship with each individual and customise marketing messages to meet specific individual needs.


Fujitsu workstations take 3D power users in engineering and creative industries to the next level

The workstations enable greater productivity, which, in turn, creates faster processing of visualisation workloads and allows for the faster processing of large data sets.


Netskope presents Sainsbury’s case study

Netskope maps billions of transactions, enabling Sainsbury’s to understand user activity across tens of thousands of SaaS and IaaS services, and millions of Web sites.


Pretty Great Company implements Sync ERP software

Sync’s Apparel enterprise system provides real-time inventory, meaningful insightful reports and strong integration support with Shopify and 3 party logistics.


Big data helping drive insurance innovation

Big data becomes an enabler for insurers, providing them with opportunities to transform and become more adaptable to the requirements of the digital age, says Kelly Preston, data analytics manager, SilverBridge.


Managing the risk of downtime in mines

A predictive maintenance strategy that incorporates the latest technology becomes essential in reducing the chances of this happening, says Brendan Hall, Sales Manager Africa at Axis Communications .


Resourcing partners remain vital in the digital age

While organisations can use digital channels to hire personnel and bypass recruitment agencies, the latter's knowledge of vetting processes and staffing needs cannot be dispensed with, says Sue Richards, IT Consulting and Resourcing Manager at JMR Software.

Nov 26, 2019

Hollard Partner Solutions joins forces with SilverBridge

Using Exergy on the Microsoft Azure cloud will help Hollard Partner Solutions modernise its core insurance system.


Serole Technologies assists Discovery Health

Discovery Health elected SAP’s Financial Services – Collections and Disbursements module to replace its collections and disbursements functionality.


Kaap Agri partners with Decision Inc.

The company is in the process of implementing a Microsoft data warehouse at the Kaap Agri group.


First Technology National reforms SA Mint’s storage architecture

The company replaced the admin and factory server room storage with all-flash arrays and configured the backup to run on the South African Mint's existing storage solution.

Nov 4, 2019

Sappi transforms connectivity with Syrex

Syrex has migrated the entire South African network infrastructure of Sappi to a new environment that provides complete uptime to all its sites.