SMEs: have you completed your financial planning for 2019?

Efficient accounting solutions speed up business processes, giving business owners more time to focus on their core processes, says Gary Epstein, MD of EasyBiz Technologies.


To modernise legacy insurance systems or not?

Insurers must decide whether to undergo the arduous task of modernising systems, or find a way to manage both their legacy and new systems, says Kumar Utpal, regional sales manager for banking and insurance at In2IT.


It's crucial that SMEs spot fake cloud ERP

True cloud ERP solutions are built form the ground up to work in the cloud, which means you access them through any browser, says Gerrit Olivier, CEO of About IT.


Heightened risk will characterise 2019

It is important to ensure the organisation is resilient enough to deal with whatever risks do materialise, says Michael Davies, CEO at ContinuitySA.


CQSA celebrates 21 years

CQSA's AgileCloud products and services reduce complexities associated with integrating business operations into the cloud, says Alex Steyn, director at CommerceQuest SA.


Create a cyber security culture

Businesses looking to properly safeguard their IT environments must ensure their staff know what the risks are and how to prevent them, says Simeon Tassev, MD of Galix Networking.


GDPR and POPI: how big will their impact really be?

While GDPR can't prevent cyber criminals from trying to access organisational data, it is likely that it will have a positive impact in the long term, says Alison Treadaway, CMO at Striata.


The customer's journey to the cloud

One of the most appealing things for any business when it comes to the cloud is the return on investment on offer, says Karl Reed, chief solutions officer at Elingo.


SA companies caught short with GDPR compliance

Even if a company is not based in the EU, it must adhere to the regulations if it holds data belonging to €EU citizens, says Stuart Scanlon, MD of epic ERP.


Digital transformation projects will dominate in 2019

Technologies like AI, IOT and big data analytics will continue to disrupt the customer experience in 2019, says Stephen Ball, senior VP Europe & Africa at Aspect Software.

9 Jan

Data proliferation, pricing struggles and potential

All customers want the same thing from communications providers: more for the same price, says Byron Clatterbuck, CEO at SEACOM.