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The Knowledge Caf'e - time for innovation

Using a knowledge caf? for knowledge sharing and exploring new ideas to create open, nonjudgmental environment, says Tobin.

Why virtual CIO makes business sense


Every business deserves the same access to effective technology strategy. This means you no longer need to hire a full-time, onsite CIO, says Gerhard Conradie, Managing Director of Evolv Networks.

2018: year zero for cloud adoption in SA

2018 is the year of the cloud: effectively it's year zero, says Nicolas Blank, founder and Group CEO at NBConsult.

Technology rings the changes for African agricultural sector

On a global level, we have reached a point where the actual benefits of technology deployments in farming are being seen, says Josua Taljaard, commercial business unit manager at Datacentrix.

Improving productivity and performance

Regardless of the devices being used by employees, end-user monitoring can improve their productivity and efficiency enormously, says Mark Robinson, Director: Solution Engineering at Riverbed.

Getting smart about agriculture

The IOT offers enormous potential to farmers seeking to increase yields, reduce resource wastage and improve efficiencies, says Reshaad Sha, CEO at SqwidNet and chief strategy officer at DFA.

Key insights from Deloitte's 2017 survey

Customers want businesses to hear them, understand them and appreciate them, according to the Deloitte annual Global Contact Center Survey for 2017, says Ebrahim Dinat, COO at Ocular Technologies.

Avoid data bottlenecks

Data storage moves from bottleneck to enabler.

The EAM shopper's checklist

To maximise the life and performance of equipment and machinery, companies should deploy an EAM solution that provides six key elements, says Heilet Scholtz, Executive at Softworx, Infor's Master Partner in Africa.

Get smart about home security over the festive season

Dec 14, 2017

What can homeowners do to protect their properties and valuables while they're away? By Mark Chertkow, MD at Graphic Image Technologies has some valuable advice.