Battling information complexity in life sciences

Enterprise information management solutions tailored to keep data compliant with industry best practice and government regulations are powering better ways of collaborating, says Lenore Kerrigan, country sales director at OpenText.


The time has come for digital transformation

Use cases are essential tools to show non-technical people the merits of digital transformation, says Hein Taljaard, Client Partner at Decision Inc.


Mitigate WAN complexity with SD Branch

SD Branch ensures security is managed from a central point based on the business's security policy, says Pieter Engelbrecht, BU manager sub-Saharan Africa at HPE Aruba.


Using conversational intelligence to build trust

C-IQ is not about how smart we are, but how open we are to learning new conversational rituals that prime the brain for trust, partnership and mutual success, says Carina Fourie, principal consultant and transformational coach at DVT.


Tactical training, thanks to tech

While digital transformation is creating a dearth of skills in key industries, it also offers the solution in the form of e-learning, allowing employees to upskill themselves at their own pace.


Four misconceptions about cloud security

Trust in the cloud has improved and many security concerns have been addressed by security vendors and cloud providers, says Christo van Staden, regional manager: sub-Saharan Africa at Forcepoint.


Availability management: what can be achieved at infrastructure level?

Providing feedback to the configuration management team to mature and improve their configuration item information is invaluable, says Alan Foley, director at MentPro.


Recession is good business for Chillisoft

During a recession, all the glitz and the marketing double-speak fades into the background, says Anujah Bosman, CEO at Chillisoft.


Taking the corporate world beyond wellness

SAP SuccessFactors looks to improve employee well-being and productivity and encourage positive behaviour changes, says Akesh Lalla, director: SAP SuccessFactors at SAP Africa.


Strategic possibilities of edge computing

Digital twin technology is a hint of where digital technologies, combined with IOT, can take us, says George Senzere, solutions engineering manager at Schneider Electric.

12 Sep

Next stop: digital transformation

We've been talking about digital transformation for a while now, will the journey ever end?