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Using analytics to improve the world

The Data for Good campaign aims to apply analytics to global challenges, thereby improving lives around the world, says Antionette van Zyl, business solutions manager at SAS SA.

Why Kotlin?


Comprehensibility, not conciseness, should be used as a measurement of how good a programming language is, says Pamela A Hill, senior Java developer at DVT.

Connectivity is key

Connectivity is high on the agenda as South African businesses evolve in their digital transformation journey, says Vino Govender, acting chief strategy officer at Dark Fibre Africa.

Comprehensive security management must include MFPs

True value comes from unified security management across endpoints, networks and data, which requires a layered approach, says Carro Ford, blogger.

Cyber security - a digital growth enabler

Cyber security is being recognised as a vital part of the digital strategy, says Paul Jolliffe, Digital Security Practice leader at T-Systems South Africa.

The Africa contradiction

Tech vs humans: anecdotes from Africa and what it intimates for the future of retail.

Encryption as a shared service

All sensitive data should be encrypted, and this should be done as a shared service to the various divisions and departments within the organisation, says Craig Moir, Managing Director of Encryptech.

Unlock the differentiating power of APS

Are you getting the most out of your manufacturing process? Not if you aren't using an advanced planning system. But engaging such a solution is not just a matter of buying it...

Turning a grudge purchase into a business investment

Instead of regarding compliance as a noose around your neck, why not turn it to your advantage and reap positive business benefits out of it?

Vital role of analytics as Day Zero approaches

14 Feb

Advanced analytics can assist in both curbing excessive usage by citizens and identifying structural failures leading to the loss of water.