Capitalising on the software-defined data centre

VMware empowers customers to manage and run consistent infrastructure and operations across data centres and public clouds, says Helen Kruger, CEO of Troye.


Fear and anxiety-driven management decisions

In management, risk aversion manifests as control, a need for certainty and making “safe” choices, says Anujah Bosman, CEO at Chillisoft.


Don’t judge a stock by share price alone

Share price is the starting point; value calculations should be based on the critical success factors that are specific to the firm’s environment, says Greg Morris, CEO, Sebata Group Holdings.


Open source community should help fight fake news

Making a fake news detection model available as a global open source project means it could be improved by the community to make detection faster, says Aroma Rodrigues, Python developer at a major bank in India.


More unhappy customers take online revenge against brands

Technology is creating powerful, assertive consumers who require more value-based services and will stop at nothing to get them, says Julia Ahlfeldt, CX adviser and management consultant at Julia Ahlfeldt CX Consulting. 


SA’s most innovative companies to be recognised at Sunday Times Top 100

Businesses that have spearheaded transformational digital projects in SA over the past two years will be celebrated by BCX at the event, says Shaheen Vawda, Head of Product Portfolio Management, BCX.


SAP HANA Data Platform: What does it offer?

It offers a host of benefits, including direct access to some external sources, real-time analytics and fraud detection, and more, says André Costerus, BI Architect at GlueData Master Data Solutions.


Risk assessment data from ConnectWise reveals most SMBs are at risk

Nearly 70% of SMBs have not identified and documented cybersecurity threats, making them prone to risks and vulnerabilities, says John Ford, chief information security officer, ConnectWise.


Actionable intelligence essential for cyber defence

Actionable intelligence allows rogue users to be intercepted, information flows to be halted and personal data or IP to be secured before it's compromised, says Ignus de Villiers, Divisional Manager for Cybersecurity at Nexio.


Open source community should embrace the spirit of ubuntu

Open source is about community, but we in SA are not using it to harness the collective power of communities, says Lucky Nkosi, software engineer at BBD.


Plumbing the depths of IOT

Plumbers have become key in driving water sustainability goals, leveraging new business models and helping deploy smart water solutions powered by the IOT, says Ushal Moonsamy, chief solutions officer at SqwidNet.