Addressing key misunderstandings about digital transformation

Many people and companies confuse digital transformation with modernisation, says James Hickman, head of sales at Altron Karabina.


Managing stock availability better for post-protest recovery

When business interruption was unavoidable, more than 5 million electronic shelf labels at over 530 stores helped some retailers get back on track faster and more accurately, says Hendrik Bredenkamp, GM of NEC XON Retail.


IT staff augmentation: Balance your workforce remotely

Keeping the balance between software development and business teams can be daunting, which is where IT staff augmentation comes in, says Jason Bramsden, MD of DVT UK.


Network disaster recovery plans an insurance policy for business

Without network services, a company is simply not able to properly execute its business operations and move data within the infrastructure, says Stefan van de Giessen, GM: Cybersecurity at Networks Unlimited.


Single view of communications channels crucial to retain, grow the customer base

Telviva Omni brings formerly disparate channels back together and glues them into a seamless, single view, says Rob Lith, chief commercial officer at Telviva.


Understanding the vaccine roll-out from a business perspective

Companies must provide days off for employees who need to get the jab and who may require sick leave if they experience any side effects, says Nicol Myburgh, Head: CRS Technologies HCM Business Unit.


Data governance beyond POPIA

A main objective of data governance is to understand your company’s data by defining clear policies, practices and procedures, says Grant Long, practice lead for data privacy at Altron Security.


ECM systems: A one-stop solution to meet all requirements

An ECM system integrates with your existing infrastructure and helps you to meet POPI Act and GDPR requirements, says Kevin Nono, CEO of ELO Digital Office Africa.

15 Jul

It’s the perfect time to get your business online

Having an online presence is important to meeting new clients and customers where they are looking for you, says Thomas Vollrath, CEO of 1-grid.


Intelligent automation drives operational insurance improvements

IA combines robotic process automation and artificial intelligence technologies to facilitate rapid end-to-end business process automation and accelerate digital transformation, says Kelly Preston, data analytics manager at SilverBridge Holdings.


Have you considered an AI-powered business?

Artificial intelligence can help you make better business decisions based on greater business insights, says Vaughn Naidoo, chief digital and technology officer at Altron Systems Integration.


Ensuring your cyber security is built for purpose

The more secure the environment becomes, the more disruptive it is for employees, says Ralph Berndt, sales and marketing director at Syrex.