Embark on your agile journey

Agile isn't just a methodology or a set of practices – it's a mindset that prioritises flexibility, collaboration and continuous improvement, says Germaine Hendrikz, head of agile at Kaizania.

IPad12 Jul

iPad enables smart workforces on the move

Through the Apple Business Manager portal, companies can easily manage all devices, apps and accounts, says Megan Nicholas, CEO of iStore Business.

Deepfakes12 Jul

Authentic recognition: Challenging deepfake risks with intelligent technology

Deepfakes are becoming a clear and present danger for financial institutions and they need robust strategies to protect their integrity and customer trust, says Daniel Isaacs, chief commercial officer at Comcorp.


Driving business transformation with workflow orchestration: A strategic imperative

Workflow orchestration plays a critical role in streamlining operations and driving business innovation and resilience, says Harry Nicholson, product manager at Blue Turtle Technologies.

Galix5 Jul

Trusted partner a long-term strategic advantage for cyber security risk, compliance

Outsourced partners use advanced tools and technologies for threat detection, prevention and response, which can significantly enhance your security posture, says Ryan Boyes, GRC officer at Galix.


Six reasons to consider Infrastructure as Code for your organisation

BUI cloud solutions architect Satish Sunker unpacks the benefits of Infrastructure as Code and explains why IaC is a compelling solution for businesses wanting to enhance their agility and efficiency.

BBD4 Jul

The role of technology in the digital transformation journey: A CIO’s perspective

To harness the potential of new technologies, we must ensure their adoption is guided by a well-defined digital transformation strategy, says Tony van der Linden, CIO of software solutions at BBD.


AfCFTA: ESG at the heart of success

The AfCFTA represents an opportunity to formalise and improve ESG reporting on the continent, says Jeanelle Connolly, GBSC transaction and accounting services at SoluGrowth.

ChatGPT2 Jul

The importance of combining AI with human skills

The success of an AI integrated business model relies on employees being given the skills to adopt AI responsibly and effectively, says Corlia Boshoff, head of design at Bizmod Development.

BBD2 Jul

Smart servicing – the experience every customer deserves

Companies need smart solutions that fit into their unique environment, align to company strategies and meet the clients at the level they’re expecting, says Streicher Stegmann, executive and principal architect at BBD.


Using AI to drive positive societal change

From deep learning algorithms to edge computing and explainable AI, the potential for AI to transform how we work, live and interact with technology is immense, says Tim Humphreys-Davies, CEO of Pinnacle.


AI helps finance teams to work smarter

Cross-functional collaboration enables finance teams to leverage the expertise and insights of other departments, says Gary Govender, strategic business development manager at ALNET Technologies.