Which is better when building an app: iOS or Android?

It depends on the project's requirements, like client preferences, timelines, costs, app performance and security, says Louis Terblanche, a developer at BBD.


SMEs: use Easter period for admin

Instead of despairing about the possible loss of revenue, harness the quiet time to catch up on administrative tasks, says Gary Epstein, MD of EasyBiz.


AI: Leaving no one behind

We must use digital technologies as a great equaliser, and not create a situation where millions of people are unable to participate in a digitally driven economy, says Cathy Smith, MD of SAP Africa.


Making a case for prepaid water usage

Given that SA is a water-stressed country, prepaid water meters may be the answer to more sustainable water consumption and management, says Marcus Thulsidas, director: Business Development at Utility Systems.


Configure your firewall for maximum effectiveness

Regular software and firmware updates to your firewall help to eliminate known vulnerabilities in your system, says Mouli Srinivasan, marketing analyst at ManageEngine.

12 Apr

PwC focuses on customer experience

Leveraging AI has improved the client experience, reduced cost and, in some cases, created new products and services, says Quinton Pienaar, Lead: Customer Engagement & Salesforce, PwC South Africa.


Backup as a service saves when cloud crashes

The cloud is a wonderful resource, but it's not a substitute for professional, reliable backup, says Michael Davies, CEO of ContinuitySA.


It's MS data centre go time. Now what?

Only customers that have done their homework and are ready to deploy a workload will be able to make the most of the Microsoft data centres, says Nicolas Blank, Group CEO at NBConsult.


How to help customers embrace BI

IsoMetrix focuses on delivering software, powered by Qlik, for health, safety and environmental risk management, says Paul Marketos, director of IsoMetrix.


Today's fraud requires an unconventional approach

In addition to misappropriated money, today there is HR fraud, IP and data theft, and business misconduct, says Graham Reid, skills, development and training manager at Sebata Municipal Solutions.


Unlocking Azure for your business

Azure is a fully managed platform as a service, delivering and developing solutions and applications to customers for both in-cloud and mobile, says Dave Martin, Strategy and Innovation Director at Britehouse.