SA needs to introduce facial verification into electoral process

Facial verification in voter registration secures the electoral process and mitigates the risk of voter fraud related to identity theft and political manipulation, says Gur Geva, founder and CEO of iiDENTIFii.


Ransomware is big business

Some cyber criminals hire call centres to cold call companies and use threats to bully them into engaging with the hackers, says Peter French, MD of Synapsys.


Approaching security differently

Embracing cyber security as an element of compliance empowers companies to monitor whether they are meeting their fiduciary responsibilities, says Karl Fischer, DevOps team lead at Obsidian Systems.


AI changing dynamics of healthcare

AI can be used to enhance the quality of data and optimise how people are cared for, says Henry Adams, country manager of InterSystems.


Companies seeking to adopt SaaS solutions should not neglect data protection

For those able to shift their data off-premises, cloud adoption has become a common strategy that forms part of a larger strategic imperative, says Simon Williams, Metallic sales specialist UKI & Nordics at Commvault.

14 Jan

Home-working forces MSPs to help customers regain control of their data

The reliance on SaaS and IaaS and increase in devices operating outside the corporate network has heightened the risk and rate of malicious cyber attacks, says Paul Evans, CEO at Redstor.


In the era of 5G, data is key

In a 5G world, data must be portable, protected and available for analysis, says Gerhard Fourie, district channel manager for Commvault in SA.


AI banks, next big thing in SA market

AI can lead to higher automation and, when deployed after controlling for risks, can often improve human decision-making, says Stu Chalmers, Winjit associate VP for Sales and Business Development in SA.

12 Jan

Managing retrenchments in tough economic times

The CCMA is receiving record numbers of retrenchment referrals as a result of the pandemic, says Nicol Myburgh, head: CRS Technologies HCM Business Unit.


How technology is shaping the accounting industry

Third-party apps have given consumers a way to keep their bookkeeping processes intact without having to resort to inferior products or an unstable mix of software platforms, says Jono Williams, Sales Manager at EasyBiz Technologies


A guide to evaluating IOT security solutions

The IOT security blindspot means cyber criminals have an expanded attack surface, says Andre Kannemeyer, CTO at Duxbury Networking.


Dispel the mistrust and promote collaboration

Mistrust and conspiracies could hold back the rapid deployment of new technology that is critical for post pandemic economic recovery, says Paul Scanlan, CTO of Huawei Carrier Group.