Blue Turtle, AutomationEdge deliver intelligent automation capabilities to IT

Partnership delivers hyper-automation platform – one platform to automate IT and business process.

Johannesburg, 10 May 2021
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Blue Turtle, a leader in technology management solutions, has been appointed an official go-to-market partner for AutomationEdge, the developer of next-generation Intelligent Automation systems.

This partnership strengthens Blue Turtle’s AI, automation and RPA capabilities, with a platform approach to business process, digital enablement and IT automation. In short, AutomationEdge provides customers with a software platform that brings together AI services, process and task automation functions and RPA, delivering advanced integrated capabilities usually found only in ‘point’ software products.

“Digital innovation is a critical element of any successful business. Increasingly, our teams are being called on to help clients integrate meaningful digital solutions to enhance efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance customer-centricity and future-proof their organisation,” says Martyn Healy, CTO, Blue Turtle. “We are delighted to announce our partnership with AutomationEdge and believe that the range of advanced functions offered will help customers create great customer experience, improve service fulfilment and reduce cost of operation. AutomationEdge can be easily applied to manually intensive tasks, making use of the latest in AI, machine learning and NLP.”

AutomationEdge integrates technologies such as AIChat and NLP to meet customer engagement and IT service management needs, along with graphical driven process design and task automation using RPA, data-handling and advanced workflow features. Central to the platform’s success is its use of advanced machine learning, NLP, integrations services and a library of bots to tackle not only routine business and rule-based tasks, but to enhance customer experience and improve IT services, bringing together the ‘point of service’ to the ‘engine room’.

Feature-rich hyper-automation found in the AutomationEdge platform includes:

  • Pre-built NLP – Pre-built NLP understands the language of IT necessary for managing IT tickets and conversations from diverse channels like e-mail, chat, SMS, incident request and call.
  • Self-learning and auto healing for IT – Self-learning capabilities enable learning from humans and keep improving its knowledge repository, and its powerful action engine enables auto-healing.
  • Machine learning for prediction Advanced machine learning algorithms help in the appropriate classification and prediction of events, giving IT teams enough time to take preventive actions.
  • Universal knowledge search – An extensive knowledge repository helps enable dynamic and faster search capabilities, assisting users with a faster understanding of issue resolution and reducing TAT.
  • Guided automation – Guided automation is used to guide users in troubleshooting critical tasks and incidents. It helps with faster issue resolution and reduces manual errors.
  • 250+ pre-built skills – With over 250 advanced ready bots that combine NLP and ML capabilities, users can seamlessly integrate with the likes of Salesforce, and both software install and mail management skills are automated.

Blue Turtle underpins the AutomationEdge platform with a range of services – from use-case analysis, design, enablement, integration and ongoing support and training.

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