Centrax Systems is a technology consulting and services company, helping enterprises combine scale with agility to achieve competitive advantage. A digital company established in 2006, we provide businesses with transformational change at a scale and speed that defies traditional ways of working. Based on our culture of innovation engineering applied to digital, we deliver significant value and better results.

Building on our unique and extensive-expertise, we focus strategically on helping clients meet their business requirements.

Centrax is focused on developing exclusive business partner relationships with suppliers and industry leaders that share a common vision in terms of growth and development of skills within this sphere.

Digital Transformation at Centrax

The digital transformation wave has been growing for years now, and as technology—and your competition—continue to advance, there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.

At Centrax Systems we have taken an agile approach to our consultations, implementations and solution recommendations for the following reasons: Technology is constantly advancing and we are closely monitoring and evaluating new technologies, as business strategies, needs and techniques are advancing as well.

We have understood that digital transformation isn’t a single project with a start and an end date. Leaders know that the digital transformation benefits have a multiplying effect, where the real value comes from sharing data across solutions, enabling automation across functions and making sure a customer has a great experience as they’re handed-off from marketing to sales to services to support. That value can only be seen from a strategic, cross-functional perspective.


Centrax Systems is a Proud B-BBEE Level 1 Contributor and 51% Black Woman Owned and Managed Company.
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