Centrax Systems announces partnership with Zoho

Johannesburg, 29 Jun 2020

Centrax Systems (Centrax) is proud to announce a new partnership with Zoho, a global technology company that offers the most comprehensive suite of business software applications in the industry.

Zoho has over 45 apps in nearly every major business category, including sales, marketing, customer support, accounting and back-office operations, and an array of productivity and collaboration tools. Central to Zoho’s offering and ethos is a commitment to data privacy and protection at the highest level. The company is compliant with both GDPR and EU-US Privacy Shield Framework, and seeks to constantly exceed industry-specific compliance standards. No part of the business, including free products, uses an ad-revenue model.

When a company chooses Zoho, they get more than just a single product or a tightly integrated bundle of apps. They get technology that is continuously improved, by a team that is dedicated to customer satisfaction.

With this partnership, Centrax has the capability to customise, integrate and implement Zoho solutions for business of all sizes. In addition, Centrax offers training and first-level support, as well as manage customer relations.

This addition to Centrax's family of premier global OEM partners enhances its current digital transformation solutions portfolio, which includes automation, data analytics and DevOps.

"Our priority is to serve local businesses in the best way possible. With that objective, we are happy to partner with Centrax, which has over 10 years of experience. We hope that together with Centrax, we will be able to not just provide top quality support to our customers, but also help other businesses in their digital transformation journey. Zoho has long-term growth and expansion plans in Africa, having seen 35% growth in the region in 2019-20. Localised pricing for all our products and expanding our partner ecosystem is part of our commitment to the region," said Andrew Bourne, Regional Manager for Africa, Zoho.

Established to provide next-generation technology solutions and services that addresses customer challenges and empowers enterprises into the future and helping businesses stay ahead, Centrax offers modern solutions that meet the demands of the digital transformation and the fourth industrial revolution. With over 10 years’ experience in ICT solutions, Centrax understands the importance to innovate today and transform your business.

As a born digital company, Centrax provides businesses with transformational change at a scale and speed that defies traditional ways of working and we base our approach on strategy of innovation engineering applied to digital and focus on delivering significant value and better results.

For more information, please visit: www.centrax.co.za.


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