Measurable results delivered through Centrax Systems, Automation Anywhere partnership

Johannesburg, 15 May 2020

Let’s face it – everyone is talking about RPA, even more since a global pandemic has pushed businesses to transform to cloud and adapt to the new normal, but the real question is, what does it mean for their businesses and how will it benefit individual process owners by removing mundane repetitive tasks.

As a born digital enterprise, Centrax’s core focus and ethos is to provide unparalleled RPA expertise to advance the future of work, and assist organisations in delivering expert skills and experience to ensure successful RPA implementation, thus increasing the potential velocity of digital transformation in South Africa.

Why RPA? Why should it matter to you?

Machines and people – operating as independents – won't be sufficient to drive business.

Our aim is to lead as an organisation that knows how to amalgamate the two effectively, while empowering employees to focus on higher value work.

Centrax Systems offers the highest quality of skills in RPA, diversifying from a team of process identification experts, solution architects and developers to the deployment team, ensuring from design to develop, deploy to monitor, is seamlessly managed end to end.

Research indicates that improved employee engagement with better customer experience has been a big factor when considering which RPA tool is best suited, and another being infrastructure costs. Automation Anywhere doesn't require new IT infrastructure because it is cloud based – offering you more flexibility and simplicity with analytics and insights in the palm of your hand.

Automated processes mean reduced paper use/waste to decrease output variability and enhances your commercial outcomes by reducing costs and operational risks.

Book a demo today and discover endless possibilities of machine and people working together intelligently – for you! RPA, it really is that simple.

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