Telkom Business, Centrax Systems, Zoho assist SMEs in growing their businesses, eliminating repetitive processes while cutting costs

Johannesburg, 10 May 2022
Arnold Naicker, Head of Products, Telkom Business.
Arnold Naicker, Head of Products, Telkom Business.

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic has caused untold human suffering throughout South Africa and the rest of the continent, leaving an indelible mark on SMEs. SMEs play an outsized role in economies, employing an estimated 80% of the continent's workforce in both the formal and informal sectors, but they are often the least resilient during times of crisis. This is because they typically have smaller client bases, fewer cash reserves and less capacity to manage commercial pressures than larger companies. Through Telkom Business's SaaS value propositions and with Zoho, SME owners can now have access to web-based tools and IT while ensuring the security of their stakeholder data.

Telkom Business wants to make sure that SME owners have access to low-cost tools that will help them run their operations online. In the digital age, which has been accelerated by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Zoho Suite enables SMEs to easily engage with customers, expand their customer base beyond their physical location and improve their day-to-day administrative tasks.

Telkom Business Head of Products Arnold Naicker says: “To succeed in a time of digital migration, SMEs need to be able to do business anytime and anywhere. Telkom Business’s mission is to ensure that small and medium businesses do not get left behind. Our mantra speaks to the value proposition enhancement, which means that over and above the connectivity resources that we have, which is to help businesses to get connected, we then also had to build or strategically partner with parties that will give us access to a portfolio of products and solutions that help the other levers, helping businesses to get customers and get productive.”

"We are transforming our partner ecosystem and delivery approach and evolving its structure to make digital transformation for SMEs simpler and ensure more ROI for our customers than ever before,” said Tamylin Farquhar, Executive head Digital Business and Technology at Centrax Systems.

Centrax Systems and Telkom Business have collaborated to create such opportunities for SMEs to make the necessary changes in the disruption of digital transformation. Opportunities are emerging as customers accelerate their digital transformation.


Telkom Business

Telkom Business is focused on one primary purpose, to empower local businesses and help them take those essential and courageous steps towards greatness.We know it takes multiple tools, skill sets and discipline to make a business work, and we are dedicated to partnering with your business to help you become the very best in your industry. Our Suite of products and services speaks to the primary requirements that any business needs to succeed.

Centrax Systems

Centrax Systems is a certified Zoho One Partner and a leading Zoho One Implementation Expert. We offer comprehensive Zoho One services such as implementation, configuration, customization, and support to help you get the most out of your investment. Our Zoho One product expert, solution architects, and developers will handle the entire process, from analyzing your business requirements to implementing your Zoho One by connecting with various business functions.

Our Zoho Enterprise Business Solutions (EBS) practice provides end-to-end consulting, software implementation, and project management services to help mid-sized and large businesses deploy the best solutions to optimize their business processes.

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