Decision Inc., Board collaborate to launch MineXP

Johannesburg, 18 Sep 2023
Ignatius Richards, Business Manager of xP&A at Decision Inc.
Ignatius Richards, Business Manager of xP&A at Decision Inc.

Decision Inc., which positions itself as a global leader in technology solutions, is proud to announce the launch of MineXP, a revolutionary management planning and analytical solution designed specifically for the mining industry. This innovative solution is the result of a collaboration between Decision Inc. and Board, a leading technology platform provider. 

MineXP is a game-changing solution that empowers finance departments in the mining industry to achieve higher levels of efficiency and gain deeper insights. By seamlessly integrating critical components such as finance, production, bill of materials, labour headcount, maintenance costing and capex into a single enterprise-wide application, MineXP fast-tracks mine planning and analytics processes.

"MineXP represents a significant breakthrough in mine management planning," says Gavin Fallon, General Manager, UK, Nordics, South Africa at Board International. "We are thrilled to have collaborated with Decision Inc. in creating this amazing solution. By leveraging our technology platform and Decision Inc.'s expertise, MineXP provides mining companies with an unparalleled toolset to optimise their planning, reporting and decision-making capabilities."

Decision Inc.'s expertise in technology and industry specialisations, combined with Board's cutting-edge platform, has resulted in the development and delivery of the globally implemented MineXP framework. This comprehensive solution enables decision-makers in the mining industry to achieve a deeper level of granularity and accelerate their time to insight.

"Our mission at Decision Inc. is to help companies worldwide make better decisions, faster," says Ignatius Richards, Business Manager of xP&A at Decision Inc. "MineXP is a testament to our commitment to innovation and delivering industry-specific solutions. This framework is based on years of mine planning experience and empowers mining organisations to streamline their extended planning and reporting functions, reduce complexity and enhance collaboration across the enterprise."

Key benefits of MineXP:

  1. Enhanced decision-making
  2. Increased transparency and accountability
  3. Improved accuracy and efficiency
  4. Linking the strategy to the financial plan
  5. Decreased financial planning complexity and risk
  6. Enhanced collaboration and communication across the enterprise
  7. Greater agility and flexibility
  8. Bridging the gap between finance and operations

MineXP enables mining companies to establish a comprehensive repository of best practices for business planning, forecasting and historical performance. With its support for multiple hierarchies and properties per organisational dimension, MineXP facilitates richer and more detailed levels of reporting.

The integration of drivers and advanced logic within MineXP facilitates interactive calculations and validations, delivering automated and escalated base plans across multiple currencies swiftly and accurately. From operating budgets to life-of-mine and ESG dashboarding, MineXP unlocks the true potential of data and makes a meaningful impact on business agility.

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