Duxbury Networking launches AI-enabled commercial and industrial switches

The company saw a gap in the market for more affordable switches with high-level capabilities, says Graham Duxbury, founder and CEO of Duxbury Networking.

Johannesburg, 28 May 2019
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Duxbury Networking has released its long-awaited commercial and industrial switch range. This is the company's latest foray into hardware production. The Duxbury switches are targeted at applications in small businesses and home offices requiring the installation of Power-over-Ethernet (POE) devices. These may include IP phones, IP cameras and access points.

The decision to develop its own range of switches was motivated by a gap in the market for more affordable switches with high-level capabilities. As Graham Duxbury, Founder and CEO of Duxbury Networking, explains: "Our switches offer some of the best features available, at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. The Duxbury range will expand to meet the need for specialised, value-added products as well as the volume distribution of its market-leading offerings."

What makes the Duxbury switches unique is their artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities; both the commercial and industrial ranges come standard with these features. AI Extend supports a 250m distance power supply to POE devices at 10Mbps, a noteworthy feature as many other switches are limited to 100m.

The AI Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN) is focused on isolating ports one to eight, allowing each port to effectively suppress network storms and improve network performance. Duxbury's AI Quality of Service (QOS) function prioritises identified video data to make video transmissions smoother. These features are supported by an AI POE function, which automatically detects dead devices and restarts the port, instead of the switch.

The commercial switches from Duxbury represent an easy and cost-effective way to add more Ethernet ports to a small network. "They also give users an opportunity to leverage the full potential of increasingly popular IP-based networking solutions, such as security systems, at an affordable price," says Duxbury.

The industrial AI smart managed switches are constructed from high-strength aluminum and support IP40. The switches provide Gigabit POE ports to any POE-enabled devices in harsh environments.

Duxbury's range supports low power design and seismic rail mounting. The switches are also capable of tolerating operating temperatures between -40oC and 75oC, a significant advantage considering most switches on this level only sustain 0oC to 45oC. The industrial range is certified to the EMC Industry Level 4 protection and is durable enough to sustain harsh environmental conditions like factories, production plants or mines.

Rich network management functions like port mirroring, port and security management features make the industrial range a reliable solution for smart traffic, video surveillance and other harsh industrial environments. Out-of-the-box AI technology makes this a unique offering in the industrial switch market. This range comes standard with RUN-Ring (self-healing time

The Duxbury range is covered by a limited lifetime warranty.*

Duxbury switches feature list:

* AI Extend: Support 250m distance power supply to POE devices (@10Mbps).
* AI Virtual Local Area Network (VLAN): Isolating ports 1 to 8. Each port effectively suppresses network storms and improves network performance.
* AI QOS: Prioritises identified video data to make video transmission smoother.
* AI Power over Ethernet (POE): Automatically detects dead devices and restarts the port, not the switch.
* Flexible Power over Ethernet (POE) deployment for your video surveillance, wireless and VOIP installations.
* More power per port powering your Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) and high-powered devices.
* Suitable for IEEE802.3af/at compatible powered devices (PDs).
* 46W on each port.

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