Your future, today; e4 cements its position as a leading fintech company

Subtle but meaningful brand changes position e4 as a progressive company that is constantly evolving, says Nik Steffny, chief commercial officer at e4.

Johannesburg, 04 Feb 2019
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Nik Steffny, Chief Commercial Officer, e4.
Nik Steffny, Chief Commercial Officer, e4.

In the 1950s, intangible brand value accounted for a mere 52% of a company's overall value. This has grown in estimation, and today it is more than 62%, according to The Brand Bubble. Intangible value includes your brand, trademarks, customer goodwill and company reputation.

Part of creating value is building trust; it is the cornerstone of all customer experiences, and where once, businesses relied on rank and position, brands are now about building a community of trust and offering a perceived value.

It was on the back of this knowledge that leading fintech company e4 launched its refreshed Web site, also adding in a new tagline: 'Your future, today'. Nik Steffny, Chief Commercial Officer, e4, says it is important for customers to recognise the business as a leader in digital journeys: "e4 has developed a very innovative range of digitally focused products and services. It's important that our brand reflects and communicates this ability. The tagline positions us as a knowledgeable leader within the digital sector and the partner of choice."

Steffny says these subtle but meaningful brand changes do well to position e4 as a progressive company that consistently strives for not only differentiation, but is seen as constantly evolving: "As digital ecosystems evolve, so do we as a player in this sector. Who we are and where we are headed forms part of the services and solutions we provide. In our new tagline, we are offering to partner with customers to manage their future within a digitally inspired world. 'Your future, today' promises that we will help make this journey a successful one.

"At the end of that day, what we strive for is to be customer focused and to build a sustainable business helping businesses navigate through this exciting digitalisation era," adds Steffny.

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e4 is a technology company specialising in digitisation. By understanding the complexity of a digital journey, e4 partners with its clients to provide innovative solutions that suits their unique needs. Using an omnichannel platform approach, e4 offers a range of digitally inspired services as well as solutions.

Working across financial services, data and the legal sector, e4 understands the intricate requirements in these sectors, and uses its expertise to assist clients in effectively managing their businesses through digitisation.

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