Enghouse Systems acquires Altitude, strengthens its international position as a leading provider of business technology solutions

The acquisition of Altitude means a greater penetration in the Iberian and Latin American market, placing the Canadian giant Enghouse, and specifically its division Enghouse Interactive, as the leader in its segment.

Johannesburg, 13 Jan 2021
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Altitude has just been acquired by Enghouse Systems (TSX: ENGH), a publicly traded software and services company based in Canada. With annual revenues of more than EUR 320 million, Enghouse's global group of companies represents approximately 1 800 employees, hundreds of partners and thousands of customers worldwide.

Aligned with Enghouse Interactive Group, Altitude products and services will remain fully available to its customers and partners, who will also be offered access to Enghouse Interactive's product suite (contact centre, video conferencing and self-service products) on-premises or in the cloud.

"We intend to continue building on Altitude's success through continued investments in products, customer service excellence and distribution channels to provide the solutions and services customers expect," said Vince Minsfuld, President of Enghouse Systems.

With almost 400 customers, Altitude Software will be integrated as one more product in Enghouse Interactive portfolio, benefiting, as the rest of the products in the suite, from the integration with other company tools.

"The purchase of Altitude is a firm commitment of the company for the continued growth at a global level and specifically in the Iberian-American region," said Carlos Martinez, Managing Director of Enghouse Interactive for the Iberian, African and Latin American region.