Easily integrate a video platform into your corporate apps

Johannesburg, 06 Jan 2021
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When developing an app for third parties or integrating innovative and robust technology into such solutions, undoubtedly, the main ambition is that every acquisition is flexible, meets business needs, is secure and simple to integrate and use. This is where adding the right video platform for companies and integrators will allow you to add value to the proposition you make to your customers, as well as provide a seamless user experience.

Many companies use third-party video applications. While these applications are the right tool for some jobs, they are not always ideal. Sometimes, you should use a custom application that precisely meets your company’s needs.

If you have not yet chosen to include the video channel in your clients’ applications or Web sites, here are some figures that will make you think:

  • 50% of millennials regularly use their smartphones to make video calls;
  • 65% of consumers would like to interact with their healthcare professionals during video channels; and
  • 20% of business owners/companies consider that virtual tours would be convincing enough to change providers.

Therefore, the same applications that streamline internal and external processes can be improved with powerful video communication capabilities, and it’s not even a difficult process.

Thus, the communication as a service (CPaaS) platform is the most timely and convenient solution. It allows developers to provide high quality, real-time video communication capabilities, providing APIs to integrate those communication capabilities into a variety of applications and workflows.

Therefore, in this content, we will tell you which solution to implement to easily add powerful, flexible and scalable technological innovations to your products, allowing you to offer an effective and cost-competitive solution, as well as its robustness in all types of devices.

Success with video incorporated apps

Before CPaaS, embedding any type of communications into applications or workflows was complicated and indirect. Companies needed developers who were not only proficient in various programming languages, but also had knowledge of real-time communication protocols.

CPaaS overcomes all these obstacles by outsourcing the infrastructure to the CPaaS provider. The CPaaS provider builds the infrastructure, maintains the development environment and delivers the open APIs and SDKs that make the integration of communication very easy.

Most CPaaS providers offer APIs for text and voice messaging, while video APIs are less common. Many providers simply do not include them in their portfolios, and those that do often neglect them.

This is where Vidyo Platform excels. With over 12 years of research and development around enterprise-grade video technology, it is specifically optimised to integrate video into applications and hardware. It provides video APIs, SDKs and related development tools for creating custom, integrated, video-enabled applications and devices.

Vidyo Platform benefits for video channel integration on devices

Using Vidyo Platform you can quickly integrate real-time video into any device: mobile, desktop, Web apps and IOT devices. It’s also an absolutely reliable platform, which allows you to increase the engagement of your app users, as well as being fully customisable, allowing you to offer a user experience that’s completely integrated with your brand.

Vidyo Platform also has several features that will take your app or Web site to another level. Among them are:

  • Dynamically and geographically optimised video;
  • Scalable video encoding;
  • High-resolution endpoint; and
  • Network adaptation.

In addition, Vidyo Platform offers a set of services that includes:

  • Support for 4K (Ultra High Definition) video resolution, currently unique among CPaaS platforms;
  • Powerful scalable video coding technology (SVC) ensures the highest quality experience;
  • Online development tools, sample code and documentation;
  • A highly reliable and scalable cloud; and
  • A flexible, usage-based cost structure.

In short, this video platform for companies and integrators brings the most advanced video technologies directly and natively into any application without the traditional costs or technical knowledge required.

This is how the Vidyo Platform makes it easy to integrate video into applications for any device. No matter what platform it is built for, Vidyo Platform provides a consistent and simple API on the mobile, PC or browser. So you can focus on creating great user experiences, not on learning new APIs or becoming a video expert.

If you would like to learn more about Vidyo Platform and access free minutes to test the platform for a limited time, we invite you to click the button.

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