Seamless Global Connectivity & SIM Management Platform: execMobile is a global connectivity company, revolutionizing cellular Internet. Our connectivity management service provides mobile network operators, enterprises, and developers with technology to connect enterprises, travellers and things (IoT). execMobile enables secure, reliable and scalable connectivity, in ways previously impossible and leads the way towards a future without communication barriers.

As a leader in global cellular telecommunications, execMobile understands in-depth of how businesses operate. For a decade, we have been providing our clients with cutting-edge mobile connectivity, irrespective of where in the world they are.  By building powerful platforms, execMobile solutions are trusted by Top Tier Communications Service Providers, Multi-National enterprises and leading IoT organisations across the globe to support mission critical initiatives.

In everything that we do at execMobile, we believe in amplifying potential. We are constantly asking: “How can we help organizations achieve more with less effort, and enable them to do what was previously unimaginable?” execMobile delivers the following key benefits:

Benefit from greatly reduced prices when you access the internet from anywhere in the
world. The execMobile service is borderless, with a low set of pricing across multiple
countries. We also offer bespoke solutions which more than often leads to greater savings.

execMobile’s solutions are designed to take the mystery out of mobile communications costs and management. Known for no hidden extra charges, we provide a completely transparent service. Our straight forward low prices are easy to understand and our user friendly on line electronic data records (EDRs) allows you see exactly how much of our services you have used. Notifications can be set to monitor usage too.

execMobile’s service is designed so that the mobile internet works in the same familiar
way both at home and abroad. No need to worry about special commands, new
menus, special characters or unusual prefixes. You simply communicate as you would whilst

The execMobile service is implemented on an advanced platform which has been built using
world class GSM technologies and established GSM standards. The execMobile eSIM or SIM card connects seamlessly and reliably to the best quality data networks in 190+ countries worldwide, ensuring the highest speeds when accessing the internet.


Based on a Multi-IMSI (International Mobile Subscriber Identity) technology, customers leverage execMobile’s global, regional and local carrier partner prices, to be used on a single SIM card, anywhere required. Our advanced SIM card is agnostic to the device used and does not require any configuration. execMobile’s SIM comes in any form factor or size, including eSIM.

Customers have the ability to provision an execMobile SIM profile onto any eSIM enabled device to ensure our service benefits continue without the need for a physical SIM card. Our eSIM technology allows companies to seamlessly deploy data plans across their user base, optimize connectivity cost and fully manage different subscribers in real-time.

Management Platform 
We believe in transparency. This is why we provide a top of the line Software as a Service
(SaaS) platform to help customers manage and control its users and costs by having access to Life cycle management, Detailed reporting, Real-time usage & security monitoring, Incident ticket system and our new eSIM provisioning process. Our user-friendly portal enables management and reporting down to individual SIM level and is used for solutions covering Mobile Workforce, Internet of Things, Point of Sale and Telemetry Devices, to name a few.

With execMobile, the internet is borderless and customers have access to simple and intelligent internet connectivity. Our agreements with 600+ network providers in 191 countries (most notably 43 African countries incl. SA), ensure that we have the best possible solution available for you.
We provide:
  • Global Connect
  • Local Connect  

IP & Core Network
Our fully redundant global IP network, with a scalable and robust core carrier network, will
ensure customers gets the highest internet service availability, with the lowest latency across 600+ mobile carriers’ networks, globally. If it’s 3G or 4G/LTE, we will dynamically find the best available network.

Advanced & Security Features
We know what it takes to step up from good to great, so we provide some unique capabilities that really make the difference. Through our platform, you can dive into the application layer and understand everything about the traffic that you generate, block certain service or enable specific protocols. We will fight cyber threats for you with our Clean Pipe which includes: DDoS attack protection, Botnet disruption, Malware scanning and prevention, Phishing prevention and Real-time malicious traffic monitoring.


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