Fusion Software DevOps meets development, framework needs for Fusion Software and its expanding client base

Johannesburg, 21 Aug 2023
From left: Jarod Hardouin, Software Developer, Dylan Auton, Lead Developer, Johan Beukes, Development Manager, Freddy Schlechter, Dev Ops Manager, Fusion Software.
From left: Jarod Hardouin, Software Developer, Dylan Auton, Lead Developer, Johan Beukes, Development Manager, Freddy Schlechter, Dev Ops Manager, Fusion Software.

Fusion Software’s growing customer base demands continuous development expansion to keep up with local and international trends. Aiming to address a growing need for software development services, integrated software solutions and business management tools provider Fusion Software has created a dedicated DevOps department to expand, maintain and enhance the Fusion Software Ecosystem. The DevOps department also offers a broad range of development, integration and software support services. The team works closely with Fusion Software’s Project Management, Sales and Support departments to support a fast-growing customer base across the country.

Freddy Schlechter, Manager of the DevOps department, explains that the team develops features and enhancements for Fusion Software’s ERP platform with CRM, Sales, Accounting, Stock, Field Service, Projects, Timesheets & HR modules in one solution, as well as upgrading customers’ in-house systems and developing bespoke applications for customers.

“We work closely with our ERP customers on features they would like to see on the platforms, and we develop and roll that out on our solution. Because our products can do so much, we work across many sectors. Our customers even include other software development houses, which use our timesheet management systems. Our jobs application is widely in use by the services sector – for example, plumbers and electricians depend on our jobs and field service application to quote, plan, track and invoice jobs,” he says.

Schlechter says the DevOps division supports the company’s customers on integration projects and upgrades, such as integrating Fusion Software’s CRM and jobs solutions with their existing accounting package.

Fusion Software also sees growing demand for custom work, as international solutions prove increasingly costly and may not meet a business’s unique requirements. “This custom work might include specialised reporting tools, or applications for tasks ranging from warehouse management and health and safety controls, through to an app to track maintenance on mining drill components,” he says.

One of the company’s in-demand services involves taking over legacy systems. Schlechter says: “Some customers may have a bespoke system that was developed in-house, and when their developer retires or moves on, they need a team to take over the source code, help maintain that code base, and – if necessary – upgrade the system.”

Fusion Software’s DevOps department comprises a highly skilled local team and a network of specialist international developers. Schlechter says the company has built significant in-house expertise thanks to its culture of teamwork, hard work and a variety of challenges, which keeps its developers engaged and interested. The local team members have all worked for Fusion Software for nearly 10 years, collaborating closely on complex challenges. “Developers enjoy variety and solving complex problems. Because we work across a variety of sectors and solutions, we can keep our team motivated. In fact, we have the unique problem of having developers who work too hard – we have to tell them to take time off,” he says. 

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