HOSTAFRICA is named after our vision to support businesses and individuals across Africa.

Your partner in hosting

Our purpose
All data, meaning every website, blog, forum, gaming platform, eCommerce business, and company Cloud IT infrastructure on the internet needs to be hosted on giant computers called servers They’re housed in secure data centres around the globe. Companies like us host and maintain all this complex computer infrastructure, so people without technical expertise don't have to worry about how their websites and businesses operate online. In fact, as far as you’re concerned, they just do; and it's our job to make sure this all happens as effortlessly as possible.

With most of the planet now operating online, it’s absolutely essential to establish an online presence. It’s the best way to market yourself or your business. Africa had been missing out on this industry for some time. It’s been our vision to help Africans get in on the online action. Whether you’ve got a business, blog, or app that you need to get out to the world, you need a trustworthy company to host it online. That’s us.

Our mission is to help Africans easily get their businesses online by providing them with world-class services through excellent support, a reliable partnership, and cutting-edge technology.

So far; so good.

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