• 30.
    COVID-19 isn’t the only virus you should be worried about right now, says Vishal Barapatre, CTO at In2IT Technologies SA.
  • 06.
    Banks are already connected and operate integrated digital environments, says Kumar Utpal, regional sales manager for Banking and Insurance at In2IT Technologies.


  • 25.
    The private sector needs to take an active role in developing the necessary IT skills, says Andrew Hoseck, COO at In2IT Technologies South Africa.


  • 20.
    If a business cannot access, analyse and understand all aspects of its customers, it can't deliver the experience today’s consumers demand, says Andrew Hoseck, COO at In2IT Technologies.
  • 16.
    RPA and BPM can be integrated seamlessly to leverage their advantages for intelligent automation, says Harkrishan Singh, director: Application Development at In2IT Technologies.