The contact centre reimagined: Intuate Group’s digital solution will change your definition of omni-channel

By Tanica van As, Marketing communications, Intuate Group.

Johannesburg, 28 Jan 2020
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Specialist IT solutions company, Intuate Group, in conjunction with its technology partner, Nixxis, is set to streamline contact centre operations across the SADC region with the Nixxis Digital Omni-Channel platform.The digital solution launched in Europe towards the latter half of 2019 and, with the success achieved abroad over the short period since its introduction, it is bound to introduce a smarter way of working to contact centres of varying size across South Africa and Africa.

“We have become accustomed to the term omni-channel in South Africa over the past few years, which essentially covers voice, e-mail, messaging and social media, all accessible to agents via a single platform. What makes the Nixxis Digital offering different is that it integrates with more than 30 applications and platforms, offering our clients unprecedented reach,” says Intuate Group CEO Nicolette de Wit.

“In addition, all incoming queries, regardless of channel, can be accessed by agents using a single inbox, voiding the need for unnecessary training and empowering agents with a detailed history of customer interactions regardless of the customer’s channel preference,” De Wit continues.

Nixxis Digital provides organisations with the flexibility to deploy omni-agents that can work across all channels or teams of agents dedicated to single channels, offering each agent a complete view of the customer’s journey across all channels.The solution also works seamlessly with Nixxis Conversational AI, allowing agents to intercept or hand back interactions with the AI engine, increasing efficiency and empowering customers to serve themselves without waiting in queues for agents to respond. In excess of 30% of interactions can be handled directly by the Nixxis AI-learning robots by permitting them to intervene in exchanges with your agents.

“Nixxis has made a concerted effort to minimise the potential for human error and we designed Nixxis Digital to make it as easy as possible for contact centre leaders to match agents’ skill sets with the channels that produce the most revenue for organisations. For example, Facebook: many may think of Facebook as a single channel, when in fact it provides one-on-one communication via chat, voice and video as well as the more traditional social media conversations in the form of groups, posts, comments and reactions. Assigning the wrong agent to this type of complex channel could result in damage to your brand if not handled appropriately, and therefore it is imperative for organisations to deploy technology that can support their business objectives,” says Luc Francis Jacobs, CEO of Nixxis.

Apart from featuring a single layer dashboard for all channels, whether synchronous or asynchronous, Nixxis Digital Omni-Channel provides a single integration point to numerous CRMs and ERPs – consolidating data from all current and future channels. In addition, the flexible nature of the solution allows contact centre leaders to deploy new channels to increase reach during peak periods or simply when the organisation needs them.

“We strongly believe that the Nixxis Digital solution will prove to be beneficial to any service-driven organisations across the SADC region. The opportunity to deploy the latest omni-channel technology without the burden of being bound to a lengthy, inflexible contract provides exactly the freedom required for organisations to evolve and thrive in a customer-centric marketplace,” De Wit concludes.

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