About IRIS Network Systems

IRIS is a robust and scalable data-collection framework, designed to deliver network management data as quickly as possible, in the most meaningful way possible.

At IRIS Network Solutions, we deploy our expertise in large-scale network configuration, implementation and management to bring enterprise managers and engineers a Network Management Solution (NMS) that is capable of real-time, in-depth reporting on the vast array of devices on multi-vendor networks.

Inspired by the everyday challenges that ISPs face, IRIS was designed from the point of view of dealing with large amounts of data and providing a generic and extensible way of presenting it. Because of this approach, our systems are able to solve a variety of problems with relative simplicity.

We believe that there’s no excuse for not having data about your own network. We use the most robust and scalable data-collection methods to ensure that our clients’ network data is always at their fingertips. We collaborate with our clients to help them gain true, valuable insight into their network performance and network stability. We’ve built IRIS from the ground up, having designed our solutions to deliver large volumes of network management data in near real-time. IRIS is the key to unlocking network potential.

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