Keyrus is a global consulting and technology company that focuses on making data matter, truly matter, from a human perspective. Keyrus South Africa was formed in 2011 by Greg Guye and Matthew Mottram. Their vision was to build a South African based company which was the go-to in the BI industry.

Since it’s not only the data itself that matters, but the opportunities we can develop by leveraging it, we are constantly working at understanding what our clients are trying to achieve. We explore and measure behaviors. We understand and translate. We make sense of the realities data represents to shape better, impactful, real-life decisions

A mere means to an end, data, whether big, small, human, complex, historical, prospective, only ever makes sense when it is used to develop experiences, shape understanding, make the best decisions.

Our value proposition is founded upon five major groups of services, each comprising multiple offerings: 

-Automation and artificial intelligence: we provide our clients with the means to improve productivity and accuracy across business processes, and to focus on higher value work. We enable companies to gain insights and to make the best decisions.

-Human-centric digital experience: relationship with customers and employee engagement constitute two of the largest contributors to business’ overall success. At Keyrus, we help companies to imagine and to create seamless multimodal digital experiences to reach their business goals.

-Data & analytics enablement: data is unquestionably a key to success for businesses. When used intelligently, it opens up unique opportunities for facing present and future challenges. At Keyrus, we enable organizations to deploy the capabilities to make data matter: we apply data science at a business level.

-Cloud and security: cloud data and digital platforms have the potential to overhaul the way data are being translated into value, while bringing scalability and flexibility to a next level. At Keyrus, we secure your data assets and make sure your data is protected and confidential.

-Business transformation & innovation: to thrive in the nowadays ecosystem, every business needs to not only accelerate its digital transformation, but also acquire skills to boost its adaptability, resilience, and competitiveness. At Keyrus, we help our clients to successfully transform themselves to build a better future.

Relying on the accumulated experience of more than 3.000 consultants and present in 22 countries on 4 continents, Keyrus is one of the foremost international experts in data, consulting, and technology.

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