Faster to market apps with Amazon Web Services, Linx

Johannesburg, 01 Jun 2018
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Linx, a leading low code development tool, has announced a new integration with Amazon Web Services (AWS). Its new suite of AWS plugins provide a simple, practical solution to connect and build high-performance back-end business solutions with Amazon's array of cloud services.

The Amazon services currently offered by Linx include EC2, S3, Relational Database Service, Notification Service, Key Management Service, Cloudtrail, Simple Queue Service and Amazon's Virtual Private Cloud.

Linx is known for its ability to combine powerful integration, intelligent automation and low-code development to rapidly deliver powerful business applications far faster than traditional coding. The low code tool allows the user to spend far less time developing and maintaining code, and more time on business logic, process design and flows.

The AWS plugins are yet another welcome addition to their growing range of plugins and tools, which allows for programming complex tasks, all the way through to integrations with databases and other popular SaaS tools such as Xero and Quickbooks.

"With the AWS plugins, you'll be able to get started faster and be more productive when building, or integrating, or automating, AWS applications," adds Anthony Morris, head of marketing at Linx.

The new AWS plugins offer the IT pro a significant opportunity to improve the speed of delivery when implementing automated workflow and processes.

Morris continues: "Like Uber, Spotify and others, modern IT organisations are adopting bold, new combinations of already existing components and services that simultaneously unlock heightened levels of value and reduce costs. Linx taps into this demand, offering high-performance, out-of-the-box pre-coded components for faster integration and development. The drag-and-drop technology allows the user to bring the AWS cloud ecosystem into their current technology stack without the associated risks of time, cost and knowledge of implementation."

With so many essential integration capabilities on one platform, along with the ability to instantly automate and host your completed apps, users can manage, govern and orchestrate data across multiple applications and systems, improving business efficiency without sacrificing speed or agility and without upskilling.

"For example, with Linx you can quickly re-use common components and modules to accelerate design and deployment of your AWS operations. The low code allows for easy re-use and the resulting faster development cycle. You can also wrap re-usable components in a service that can be deployed and operated separately from the rest of your systems and applications. A dream come true for many developers," says Morris.

Ultimately, Linx helps organisations adopt AWS services far quicker, making the building, testing and prototyping processes and automations far more affordable and simplistic.