Linx unveils cloud-based application platform

Users can host automated back-end applications and Web services without installing their own hardware.

Cape Town, 12 Jun 2019
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Linx has announced its new managed cloud platform, allowing users to quickly deploy automated low-code solutions without overhauling their existing IT infrastructure.

Linx, a low-code integration and application development platform, today announced the launch of the Linx Application Cloud, a cloud-based platform as a service (iPaaS), enabling customers to connect, design, automate and deploy Web services and business processes faster than traditional coding.

Highlights of the new release include:

* Fast implementation. The Linx Application Cloud is a modern cloud platform that provides a fully featured hosted environment to run your applications, hassle free.

* Microservices-based. An ideal environment to run, scale and maintain integration processes in the cloud.

* Scalable and secure. Running on Azure, the Linx Application Cloud is flexible, scalable and secure.

“Our expanded offering provides our customers with a 100% native cloud solution alongside our low-code integrated development environment (IDE). The new deployment option allows our users to effortlessly host automated back-end applications and Web services without incurring the additional cost or frustration of installing your own hardware,” said Gabriel Yssel, chief information officer at Linx.

Linx is a low-code platform for IT professionals to design, automate and deploy automated tasks, business workflows and Web services, including rapid development of back-end services for mobile apps.

The release of the Linx Application Cloud makes it possible to host low-code applications with no need for clients to invest and set up their own server infrastructure, or fret over maintenance, configuration and support. The result is a faster, leaner user experience and the opportunity for the user to roll out process automation at scale, without the worry of handling daily operations, security, updates and upgrades. Supported by Microsoft Azure, the new cloud deployment option offers users more choice in how to deploy their solutions with all the benefits of world-class security.

“The Application Cloud, which includes file storage and database, will enable enterprises and SMEs alike to implement Linx’s technology immediately, saving valuable time and costs in implementation,” said Yssel.

In addition to the Application Cloud, the Linx Application Server still offers pricing for solutions installed on-premises or on a private cloud.


A low-code development tool to integrate, build & deploy automated backend processes and web services. Designed to reduce development time and costs, IT professionals use Linx to integrate and automate business applications, ranging from simple to highly complex, without the need for programming.

Linx is developed by Twenty57, a leading provider of payment, reconciliation and integration software to the Financial Services Industry.

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