White paper: Three ways to protect private data

Johannesburg, 23 Sep 2019
Read time 1min 20sec

Laws mandating the protection of private data have been around for decades. But in recent years, there has been a veritable explosion in both the number and jurisdictional reach of those laws. There are now more laws governing data privacy than ever before, with more of those laws applicable to a greater number of business organisations.

As noted in a recent Forbes article: “2019 Data Privacy Wish List: Moving from Compliance to Concern”, the task of maintaining compliance with these many laws has become increasingly difficult: “It’s a messy landslide of different laws that can keep your legal and compliance teams running in circles.” Stated simply, compliance with data privacy laws presents ever-increasing difficulties for companies that conduct business on a global scale. Any global enterprise is likely to be liable for maintaining compliance with many different data privacy laws originating from many different legislative bodies at all levels of government. Maintaining compliance has become so difficult and complex a task that it exceeds the capabilities of a single person, or even a single department. Compliance must now be considered an organisation-wide effort, and an organisation-wide priority.

This white paper discusses some of the difficulties and complexities of compliance. It also explores how three information management solution features can help to mitigate the risk of fines, sanctions and potentially negative legal ramifications by ensuring the proper management of information throughout its life cycle.