Micro Focus helps ensure business continuity to its customers through free and extended services

Johannesburg, 07 Apr 2020
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To help #StopTheSpread, Micro Focus has made free and extended business continuity licences available for remote authentication, encrypted e-mail, social media and mobile protection, app scalability management, securing employee document sharing and access to host applications.

Micro Focus helps ensure business continuity to its customers through free and extended services.

Micro Focus (LSE: MCRO; NYSE: MFGP) is responding to the unprecedented situation created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and has extended the availability and features of key business continuity and security services to help support companies during this period.

Several such services are now available as 90-day trials or with extended features enabled for free. These will work to ensure organisations can continue secure and reliable operations remotely as they grapple with the challenges created during the epidemic.

The services, which can be explored in detail at https://www.microfocus.com/en-us/businesscontinuity/covid-19, include the following:

Advanced authentication for remote employees: Ensure your employees and their data remain safe through the unlimited edition of Micro Focus’ NetIQ Advanced Authentication. It offers multi-factor authentication for your users. Available until 31 July 2020, this service can secure access through VPN, RADIUS, Web portals and other channels. Download the trial software at Micro Focus’ COVID-19 page.

Encrypt and secure remote employee e-mail: Cyber criminals have increased their activities, and e-mail is again a prime vector for attack. To combat this scourge and keep employees safe, deploy the 90-day trial of Micro Focus’ Voltage SecureMail service. Offering full life cycle encryption, even if criminals get their hands on company correspondence, they can’t read it. Download the trial software at Micro Focus’ COVID-19 page.

Protect social media and mobile communications: To help keep the collaborative efforts of staff safe, Micro Focus is making its Social Media Governance solution available to all Digital Safe customers at no charge for 90 days. Covering MS Teams, Skype for Business and Slack, this service simplifies the ability for customers to capture and centrally monitor communications of various types, including social, collaborative and mobile communications. Learn more at Micro Focus’ COVID-19 page.

Ensure scalability of critical internal and external apps: The remote working conditions that counter COVID-19’s business disruption place enormous strain on business applications. Bottlenecks must be identified and mitigated quickly to help maintain performance and remove undue pressure from IT teams. Micro Focus has made its LoadRunner Family product licences available for free until 31 July 2020. These will help pinpoint performance and scale issues. Learn more at Micro Focus’ COVID-19 page.

Secure remote workers’ documents and files: Business activities can’t happen without the exchange of information. This combination creates a significant security and productivity threat in remote-working environments, which is why the Micro Focus Filr service is available under a free and unlimited licence until 30 September 2020. Filr is an easy enterprise-ready sync-and-share solution with real-time collaborative file editing capabilities for use in production. Download the trial software at Micro Focus’ COVID-19 page.

Zero footprint Web access to host applications: Ensure access to business-critical host and mainframe systems. Micro Focus Host Access for the Cloud is a zero-footprint, browser-based solution, now available free of charge until 31 July 2020. Learn more at Micro Focus’ COVID-19 page.

Micro Focus has also developed additional solutions tailored to meet the demanding challenges created during the COVID-19 pandemic. These include the Micro Focus ITOM COVID-19 Best Practices community, where customers can have discussions and exchange ideas.

A series of packaged offerings have been designed to be rapidly deployed and to help customers do everything from temporarily supplementing staff, in the case of regular team members being out, through to providing 24x7 solution support in case of emergency. Micro Focus’ offerings can be deployed remotely, and we can accommodate your security requirements with local-based resources or leverage our global centre of excellence.

The continued disruptions caused by COVID-19 is a threat to all of humanity, including the health of the companies and economies that support everyone. By making these services more broadly available, Micro Focus hopes to help #StopTheSpread while ensuring organisations can continue to operate and remain productive securely and efficiently.

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