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Smart mining is the future, and the foundation of smart mining is connectivity...

Johannesburg, 21 Nov 2023
5G private networks – the next step in the evolution of mining.
5G private networks – the next step in the evolution of mining.

The mining industry is exploring 5G technology at an accelerated pace, largely to enable IOT-driven use cases such as predictive analytics for maintenance and fleet management. Offering more reliable connectivity, lower latency, more control over security and network than previous communications technologies, 5G private networks will drive new business models in mining.

South Africa’s mineral wealth is legendary. Our mining industry is a world leader that employs hundreds of thousands of people, but if it doesn’t evolve alongside the technological innovations that are reshaping the sector, there’s a very real danger it will be left in the dust.

5G-enabled technologies are already laying the foundation for smart mines, providing support for various applications through seamless connectivity. Enabling use cases for many different technologies, such as mobile robots, self-driving machines, AGVs (automated guided vehicle systems), predictive maintenance and so on, 5G private networks are the next step in the evolution of mining, offering a fast, secure and private foundation on which the mines of the future is being built.

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