• 01.
    One trend that has emerged from the lockdown is a resurgence in demand for home office print and scan solutions.



  • 23.
    Standard low-touch measures companies can deploy include online signatures for the remote approval of documents and using facial recognition instead of fingerprint access.


  • 17.
    COVID-19 has changed the way schools will operate, and the education sector must adapt and adopt proposed measures to defend all parties against infection.


  • 20.
    Solutions providers need to be flexible in how they package solutions to meet the needs of the new remote workforce, says Barry Venter, MD of Nashua.
  • 11.
    Many businesses are turning to thermal screening solutions that can carry out preliminary screening to identify elevated skin temperatures, says Barry Venter, MD of Nashua.


  • 06.
    Once you've secured good quality connectivity, you require added services, such as asset monitoring and management as a service, says Mark Taylor, CEO of Nashua.
  • 04.
    A device enables the user to access various services. No device simply means no access.
  • 03.
    Technology in education is making a huge impact, but it’s also turning schools into targets for criminals, says Nashua.


  • 13.
    When you think of a consumables supplier, you think about ink and paper, possibly even stationery supplies. What doesn’t come to mind is cheese.