Our mission is to evolve security for the way people work

Founded by early architects and distinguished engineers from security and networking leaders like Palo Alto Networks, NetScreen, Juniper Networks, Cisco, and VMware, our team is the strongest.

Culture is everything. Here are our values:

We can do nothing without being collaborative and transparent. This means everybody works hard and we work together. It means our corporate leadership is clear, open, honest and our middle managers share what’s happening in the company, and the most junior people have a big impact. That’s what it means to be transparent.

There's no room for politics or bureaucracy at Netskope. Big egos are shown the door. We’re too focused and busy for that kind of nonsense! Nobody’s too senior or important to be held accountable. Everybody rolls up their sleeves, and the best ideas win.

Our goal is to be the leading cloud security platform in the market, and that means we are dogged and determined. Whether we’re dealing with a customer issue, a needed product feature, or a way to enable our best partners, we make it happen. No excuses. It’s in our DNA.

Did we mention that our customers success means more to us than anything else? Technology projects aren’t always easy, and our job is to be in the trenches with our customers. They need to know we have their backs, and we need to earn their trust every day.

Netskope is solving some of the most advanced information security challenges today, from cloud security to online threats to data governance. We have more than 40 patent claims to our name, with dozens more in process. In order to stay at the top of our game, our only choice is to dream big and innovate every day.

Whether we’re sharing a meal or volunteering alongside our colleagues, we are laughing and having fun. We trust and appreciate each other, and nobody takes themselves too seriously. That’s what makes work fun.

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Grant Reynolds
Netskope - Regional Sales Manager - South Africa
Mobile: +277149 22258

Paul Hennin
Netskope - Senior Director EMEA, Marketing and Alliances

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