ITWeb Security Summit diamond sponsor Networks Unlimited Africa set to demystify 'next-generation' security

Johannesburg, 10 May 2019
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Networks Unlimited Africa, the diamond sponsor at this year's ITWeb Security Summit, is pleased to present a not-to-be missed panel discussion: "Demystifying 'next-generation' security: a systematic approach". It underscores the imperative for organisations to be able to combat the rising sophistication of security threats.

Anton Jacobsz, CEO of leading value-added distributor Networks Unlimited Africa, explains: "Next-generation security technologies have shifted the paradigm of the industry. The need for organisations to have a systematic security posture has become a mission-critical objective. The market is saturated with solutions and services, so how do consumers choose an offering which will offer the best protection possible?"

The panel will look at such issues as how traditional security technologies have failed, thereby leading to the emergence of next-generation solutions, as well as whether these next-generation products are really the future, or if this is just a marketing ploy.

ITWeb Security Summit 2019

Now in its 14th year, ITWeb Security Summit brings together leading international and local experts, analysts and end-users to unpack the latest threats facing African CISOs, CIOs, security specialists and risk officers. Register before 8 March to take advantage of the early bird discount. To find out more, click here.

The panel discussion will take place on day one of the summit (28 May) at 1:50pm, and will be hosted by Stefan van de Giessen, general manager of cyber security at Networks Unlimited Africa. Panellists will include:

* Paul Williams: country manager, SADC & IOI, Fortinet
* Ray Kafity: vice-president, META, Attivo Networks
* Samuel Lindford: regional sales director, Carbon Black
* Cas Liddle: senior solutions architect, Thales eSecurity

Jacobsz says the vendor partners present at the summit have all been specifically chosen by Networks Unlimited Africa for their unique offerings in the security suite.

* Fortinet is a global leader in broad, integrated and automated cyber security solutions.
* Attivo Networks is a leader in deception for cyber security threat detection.
* Carbon Black offers next-generation endpoint security solutions to help customers detect, prevent and respond to the most advanced cyber attacks, critical in today's world of mobile devices and the Internet of things.
* Thales makes data safe in any environment, offering encryption of structured and unstructured data, at rest or in motion, and providing an organisation with the tools it needs to protect and manage its data, as well as meet the requirements of regulatory compliance.

"In order to develop a strong security position, we need to demystify and break down this 'next-generation' term. The panel discussion will take a systematic approach to the following next-generation security solutions: perimeter protection; anti-virus and endpoint detection and response; deception; and data protection," says Jacobsz.

"In the spirit of sharing information and empowering delegates at the summit, we're looking forward to presenting a thoughtful discussion that cuts to the heart of one of today's current technology issues," he concludes.

ITWeb Security Summit 2019

In an increasingly connected digital world, cyber security threats are constantly evolving and increasing in number and sophistication. Security professionals need to be up to speed with the latest technologies, techniques and skills for predicting and mitigating potentially crippling cyber attacks, the methods and tools in use by today's threat actors, and the latest legal and compliance demands.

ITWeb Security Summit 2019, now in its 14th year, will again bring together leading international and local industry experts, analysts and end-users to unpack the latest threats facing African CISOs, CIOs, security specialists and risk officers, demystify emerging cyber security strategies in AI, blockchain, IOT, DevSecOps and more, and explain how to increase an organisation's cyber resiliency.

Networks Unlimited Africa

Networks Unlimited Africa is a value-added distributor, offering cutting-edge solutions from the network edge to the data centre, and addresses key areas such as cyber security, hybrid cloud, data centre and infrastructure, networking and integration, SD-WAN solutions, network performance management and application performance management, application delivery networking and load balancing, data centre in-a-box, and data management and backup solutions.

Most of our solutions are highly regarded by Gartner and will be found on their respective magic quadrants. The company distributes best-of-breed products, including Attivo Networks, Cofense, Carbon Black, Fortinet, F5, Hypergrid, Mellanox Technologies, NETSCOUT, ProLabs, RSA, Rubrik, SevOne, Silver Peak, Thales, Tintri and Uplogix.

Since its formation in 1994, Networks Unlimited (NU) Africa evolved to become one of the very few true, value-added distribution companies in Africa. NU has continuously adapted to today's increasingly competitive environment to provide product solutions that offer the best and latest solutions for companies across Africa, through our extensive partner network covering over 38 countries in Africa.

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