Market-changing OKI Pro9541WT, A3+ Digital Transfer Media Printer for Textile wins multiple awards

Leading industry magazines recognise OKI’s all-in-one digital printer, the first five-colour LED device to deliver 329mm x 483mm digital transfer printing, for innovation excellence

Johannesburg, 12 Feb 2020
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OKI Europe’s recently launched Pro9541WT, 5-colour Digital Transfer Media Printer has won two industry awards. The printer received an Office Oscar from OEN Magazine, and the Editor’s Choice Award from Print IT Reseller, for its innovative features and the value it can add to businesses.

OEN Magazine, a leading source of news and new innovations for buyers of equipment, supplies and services, bestowed the award on the Pro9541WT in recognition of the new business opportunities it creates as a fast, cost-effective, on-demand toner transfer technology and a more eco-friendly alternative to screen printing. 

The OEN Office Oscars are awarded to companies with new products, services or initiatives that are raising the bar in terms of standards, excellence, quality and value.

“A very worthy Office Oscar winner, the Pro9541WT opens up new opportunities for commercial print businesses in an ever-competitive market,” says OEN Magazine Editor, Clare Brooks. “With personalisation at an all-time high, this low-cost alternative to direct-to-garment printing delivers ultra-fast transfer printing on-demand, with no minimum volume requirement.

“A world first, the five-colour LED device delivers 329mm x 483mm digital transfer printing technology and provides three applications in one, making it perfect for small-scale production. A key focus for business of all types, the device is also environmentally friendly as it eliminates chemicals and emulsions from the screen-printing process. This clever device is truly a breakthrough in printing technology.”

Print IT Reseller, a leading resource for printer and IT resellers as well as service providers, also gave the OKI Pro9541WT its coveted Editor’s Choice Award based on the printer’s contribution to innovation in transfer printing.

“For businesses that have customers with textile printing requirements, or that offer this service themselves, the Pro9541WT represents another great addition to the already strong line-up of OKI’s specialist media printing products. Cost-effective and producing A1 results, the new Pro9541WT is well worth a look,” says Michelle Ryder, Editor, Print IT Reseller magazine.

Launched in September 2019, the versatile OKI Pro9541WT A3+ Digital Transfer Media Printer is the world’s first-ever five-colour, LED device to deliver 329mm x 483mm digital transfer printing. Generating vibrant CMYK+White colour and sharp graphics on textiles and hard surfaces with no daily maintenance requirements, the Pro9541WT offers three different application types from one device: Digital Toner Transfer Printing, Digital Screen-Printing Frames and Digital Smart Screen Transfer. This gives commercial screen printers the flexibility to expand their print capabilities and generate additional revenue streams by offering new services to customers.

Businesses using OKI’s Pro9541WT can print on-demand with the lowest set-up cost and time compared to traditional transfer methods. As a result, organisations can fulfil urgent, highly customised and small requests, even a single item, more profitably, enabling them to meet the growing demand for highly personalised products.

The Pro9541WT is equipped with a large 13" x 19" A3+ print capability and produces extra-large graphics or a full sheet of logos, with no daily maintenance requirement. OKI’s digital LED and white toner technologies deliver sharp 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution, creating precise, detailed graphics even on dark surfaces.

“We are delighted that the Pro9541WT has been recognised by two leading industry publications. At a time of growing demand for personalised and customised products, and for other short, on-demand print runs, we are confident that our innovative new technology will play a significant role in helping print businesses to access important revenue opportunities in the growing personalisation market,” says Christophe van Gelder, General Manager EMEA, Toner Transfer Media and Textile Printing, OKI Europe.

“The speed, flexibility and return on investment that digital transfer media printing offers is extremely important for contemporary business models such as Web-to-print and e-tail, short runs, print-on-demand and personalised creative concepts. Using OKI’s Pro9541WT A3+ Digital Transfer Media Printer, customers can produce vibrant, full-colour heat transfers for both light and dark textiles and hard surface goods. This enables them to print a broader range of promotional merchandise, including T-shirts and garments as well as ceramic, plastic and metal products, on-demand, in short or single print runs.”

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