• 30.
    Once organisations are free from their old ways of working and embracing appropriate strategies that encourage agility, the focus can start to shift towards modernisation.
  • 22.
    Guiding an SMME through COVID-19 as a CEO requires thoughtful action, says Sean Katzen, CEO of Ovations.


  • 26.
    There are three main categories of skills development that companies should focus on: technical training, soft skills training and leadership development, says Erin Meehan, Learning and Development Facilitator at Ovations.
  • 13.
    Has enterprise content management been usurped by content services, or can the one happily evolve into the other?


  • 26.
    Companies must constantly evolve in order to survive in an increasingly competitive market.
  • 19.
    Clearly defining your new or rebranded value proposition from the outset is important, so that you get the messaging right and connect with customers, says Helesha Moodley, Marketing Lead at Ovations.