The Future of Finance

We're on a mission to build an open, trustless and more efficient financial system.

We started OVEX to break down the barriers that prevent people from entering the traditional financial system. We believe that wealth-creating investment opportunities shouldn't only be accessible to the wealthy, but should be available to all.

Our team consists of software and financial engineers that are on a mission to decentralize finance. We move fast, so you can expect new products and features to be rolled out regularly. This is our way of doing things.

OVEX is a mission driven cryptocurrency exchange with the goal of accelerating the advent of an inclusive digital economy. OVEX offers a fiat onramps allowing South Africans to buy and sell cryptocurrencies with South African Rands. We offer over 20 coins and many unique features such as a crypto interest account and token faucet allowing user to buy cryptocurrencies at international rates leapfrogging the price disparity experienced in the South African Market.  


Unit 1403
14th Floor
Portside Towers
4 Bree Street
Cape Town