Is this the most creative way to re-use electronics?

Johannesburg, 28 May 2019
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You don't have to be very creative to come up with a few arguments for giving consumer electronics a second life. In other words, the "why" is pretty easy. But when it comes to "how", creativity is a good thing. Just ask Zayd Menk from Zimbabwe's capital, Harare.

The 18-year-old Menk has found a pretty unusual hobby, using e-waste to create beautiful small-scale models of well-known cities out of old computer parts.

"I think in a perfect world, there wouldn't be such a thing as waste. Everything would be re-used and re-purposed for something else," says Menk.

One of Zayd's projects is a model of Manhattan. It took him three months, and he had to scavenge computer parts from friends and family and even the roadside. Another of his larger projects is a model of the Westminster area in central London.

These models are built out of bits of PC that were going to waste. The London model includes Big Ben, the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Bridge and much more.

In his home town of Harare, electronic waste is the source of pollution. Menk's artistic work is driven by his vision about a world where nothing goes to waste.

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