White paper: BYD Auto is new energy leader with Huawei Dorado

Johannesburg, 04 Sep 2019
Read time 50sec

BYD is experiencing a period of rapid business development and a proliferation of operational processes. This is generating a large number of concurrent data flows from product sales, spare parts inventory and after-sales services.

The data volume of most manufacturing enterprises’ online transaction management systems doubles every two years, and concurrent requests to the enterprise resource planning (ERP) system grow exponentially, leading to high I/O frequencies and long user wait times.

This increase in data to be analysed by the BI system, combined with the shorter timeframe in which data must be processed and reports generated, imposes stringent requirements on data loading and processing speed, as well as system stability. The BI system is a must-have tool for enterprises' manufacturing planning, sales analysis, market trend forecasts, and other important business decision-making.

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