White paper: ACESI Group presents platinum all-flash storage leasing services

Johannesburg, 05 Sep 2019
Read time 40sec

In the age of cloud and flash, ever-increasing data volumes make timely service response difficult. Customers have demanding performance and data protection requirements for IT leasing services, which cannot be met by traditional IT architectures. To meet these requirements, many ISP companies are in urgent need of transformation.

With Huawei’s All-Flash Data Acceleration Solution, ACESI develops platinum-level storage leasing services to deliver quality cloud and virtual machine leasing services for customers. Flash-based data reduction helps customers reduce their total cost of ownership by 50% while remaining highly competitive.

 ACESI currently plans to migrate all of its services from cloud storage to Huawei OceanStor Dorado V3 all-flash storage, distributed locally by Pinnacle.

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