At Puleng we pride ourselves on pushing the boundaries, each and every day. Innovative, ground-breaking, "Tomorrow's technologies today", are the firm foundations we strive to deliver in every engagement and opportunity presented to us.

Highly-Trained, certified and experienced professionals, that deliver complex solutions using best practices and proven methodologies.

The ability to lead with Professional Services has allowed us to become a confidant and trusted advisor to many of our customers and ensures that our solution can go deeper and wider across the customers ICT Landscape.

Puleng has developed a milestone-based implementation methodology that delivers predictable, repeatable project success. At Puleng we take pride in providing leading, local technical skills combined with market leading products from select technology leaders. Central to the success of Puleng Technologies has been our commitment to delivery which drives "Project Success" and ultimately "Customer Delight".

Puleng's Skills Development Programme

The projects we are involved with are inherently different to most typical IT projects. They are technically very complex and also span multiple technical disciplines within an organisation. The resourcing of highly specialised skills is critical to the success of these projects and in Puleng's experience, skills availability is the biggest contributing factor to the success of any project. This situation is compounded by the lack of availability of experienced people in the local market.

Puleng's success is solely due it skills development program. Puleng has some experienced and highly skilled technical individuals that provide the platform to accelerate skills development and mentorship within our business.

  • To address the shortfall of competent technical IT skills in South Africa
  • To create an affordable, capable services and support engine for our customers
  • Fulfill a puleng focus of contributing to the Social Development of our country as a proudly South African company

The Puleng Portfolio Of Offerings

The progression along the "Service Orientated Infrastructure" Roadmap will enable automated provisioning and result in predictive, repeatable, standardised Services being provided to end users and consumers. A strong user identity governance framework is at the very heart of our roadmap and ensures that the right users have access to the right services while providing business advantage through self-enrolment, user life-cycle and a quality customer experience.

We have partnered with complementary technology leaders and innovators such as Cisco, IBM, EMC, VCE, 1E, Ping Identity, VMware, RSA Aveksa and BeyondTrust in order to construct our comprehensive portfolio. The continuity and integration along the roadmap is achieved with careful planning and consideration, ensuring that no technical "Cul de Sacs" will prevent our customer's ability to change their infrastructure in line with their business evolution.

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