Redstor arrival on Google Marketplace helps MSPs supercharge protection of Google Workspace

Johannesburg, 16 Mar 2021
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Redstor, the disruptive data management SaaS business, today announced the launch of its powerful, Web-based app on Google Marketplace, delivering a margin-rich solution to managed service providers, who can now protect customer data in Google Workspace in a few clicks.

Redstor’s smart, globally scalable cloud-based platform allows partners to back up customer data in Google Drive and Gmail directly from Google’s cloud to the Redstor cloud in less than 15 minutes. 

Designed specifically for the channel, Redstor offers true cloud-to-cloud protection from a single application, enabling you to manage all of your cloud and on-premises data.

Benefits include:

  • Auto-scaling protection without the requirement for capital expenditure.
  • Maximising margins with repeatable revenue, streamlined billing and no hardware to manage.
  • Servicing customers from anywhere on any device.
  • Viewing and managing customer data with aligned polices from one Web-based, easy-to-use control centre.
  • Providing centralised management of data in Google Drive, Gmail and Google Classroom without needing to circumvent Google security and auditing.
  • Enabling customers to define Google Workplace retention periods so they are aligned to their business requirements.
  • Giving customers full control of their data for business continuity by mitigating the risk of storing it with the cloud service provider.

As well as slashing customer recovery times in the event of ransomware, user mistakes, malicious behaviour and sync or configuration errors, Redstor helps organisations comply with regulations by avoiding dependency.

James Griffin, Redstor’s Chief Product Officer, said: “Our customers are investing in Google Cloud to support their goals and Google Marketplace offers a robust, enterprise-tailored, vetted set of business solutions.

“With Redstor’s leading data management platform, our partners can scale Google Workplace protection for customers quickly and securely.

“So we’re delighted that Redstor is now available on the Google Marketplace as it represents one of the fastest ways to get up and running for anyone on the Google Cloud Platform. In fact, getting protected has never been simpler for Google Cloud users.”

By continually improving the management and protection of data wherever it is stored, Redstor is making operations significantly easier for IT staff. Partners can quickly and simply address customer challenges with compliance, data growth, recovery from ransomware attacks and flexible cloud integration, as well as reduce investment and maintenance of primary storage.

For more information on the capabilities and value Redstor brings to Google Cloud customers, visit or view the Redstor Cloud Marketplace listing.

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