• 29.
    Redstor's new office drives its long-term strategy to accelerate revenue within Europe and add to the company's 350 partners.
  • 28.
    Thanks to InstantData, Redstor's user-driven technology, Teva Veterinary Clinic was up and running within an hour.
  • 21.
    Business continuity and disaster recovery entail entirely different strategies, and both are vital, says Shaun Searle, country manager, African Regions at Redstor.
  • 21.
    To believe a SaaS vendor like Microsoft has taken care of your backup is a dangerous assumption, says Heidi Weyers, GM for Sales at Redstor in SA.
  • 06.
    Even though there is no fool-proof way to stop cyber criminals, the technology exists to recover data instantly, says Redstor.




  • 18.
    Borderless visibility of data is the key to avoiding the threat of enforcement action, says Danie Marais, Director of Product Management at Redstor.
  • 06.
    Due to unprecedented demand for a disruptive data management platform, Redstor is expanding operations by adding a new data centre in Johannesburg.


  • 28.
    Duan Botha's appointment as pre-sales manager for Australasia underlines Redstor's long-term strategy to accelerate revenue worldwide.
  • 23.
    A summit sponsor, Redstor will highlight how technology developed in SA is revolutionising the way businesses are managing their data.