Redstor announces ability to detect and remove malware from backup data, using AI

Johannesburg, 09 Mar 2021
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Redstor, the disruptive data management SaaS business, announced the launch of a new technology late-February, enabling the detection and removal of malware from backup sets.

Malware continues to grow in scope and sophistication and often hides undetected inside business networks for longer than any retention policy as it seeks out and infects backups. This makes malware-free recoveries impossible, causing huge operational and reputational issues.

When customers purchase automated malware detection as an added feature, every backup from a server, laptop and any other end-point machine or device will be checked for files that resemble malware in appearance or behaviour.

This provides a powerful additional layer of protection that complements existing anti-virus software.

Users have nothing to configure, install or upgrade, there is no impact on internal resources and Redstor preserves the sanctity of customer data, which is encrypted at source, in transit and at rest.

When a suspicious file is detected, a notification then gives the user the option to delete the file, revert to a previous safe version, mark it as safe or leave it in quarantine.These actions can be taken in bulk by selecting multiple files, or made against a single file.

James Griffin, Chief Product Officer at Redstor, said: “The National Cyber Security Centre advises organisations to use different products to increase overall detection capability - and the launch of this new Redstor add-on helps provide assurance that if malware, including ransomware, is found in a backup set, a safe version can quickly and easily be restored.

“Every time a file is marked as safe or otherwise, our machine-learning model trains itself to become more accurate in detecting malicious files. We will also continue to refine the AI, based on real-world events and the advent of new forms of malware.”

By continually improving the management and protection of data wherever it is stored, Redstor is making operations significantly easier for IT staff.

With a smart, globally scalable cloud-based platform, designed specifically for the channel, Redstor is enabling partners to quickly and simply address customer challenges with compliance, data growth, recovery from ransomware attacks and flexible cloud integration, as well as reduce investment and maintenance of primary storage.

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