Redstor adds data protection capability for, creating significant revenue opportunities for its channel partners

Johannesburg, 07 Jul 2021
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Redstor today launched support for Salesforce and is now the only channel-centric vendor to protect the world’s number one customer relationship management (CRM) system alongside Microsoft 365, Google Workspace, Xero as well as modern and legacy infrastructure – all from a single application.

Unlike other services that require a degree of Salesforce expertise, Redstor recovers data independently of the CRM platform, by design.

InstantData, Redstor’s unique technology, enables users to stream recoveries on demand as CSV files, avoiding the risk of overwriting the live environment. Partners and their customers then select only the relevant objects, custom objects and metadata they need before reconstituting them in Salesforce or a sandbox environment with a native import tool.

This enables simple and quick, stress-free recoveries in the event of human error, malware, malicious deletions, bad code, integration issues or unforeseen circumstances where deleted information is needed again.

James Griffin, Chief Product Officer at Redstor.
James Griffin, Chief Product Officer at Redstor.

Salesforce continues to expand as a business year on year and currently has more than 150 000 customers storing business-critical data such as account and billing information in its CRM system, representing a huge addressable market for Redstor partners.

With Redstor, managed service providers and Salesforce enablement specialists can protect customers in minutes – with no hardware to install, manage or replace, no impact on local bandwidth and no egress or ingress charges.

James Griffin, Chief Product Officer at Redstor, said: “Our partners have a huge opportunity to turbo-charge revenue and increase stickiness with clients by protecting Salesforce with a multi-tenanted solution that is intuitive, quick to deploy and scale and purpose-built for the channel.

“The price per user is less than half what it costs for a cup of coffee and leaves plenty of room for significant margin, while remaining competitive – and there’s no minimum entry point.

“When you also take into account that nobody else offers the breadth of protection that we do, with the capability to view and manage cloud and onsite data in one place, Redstor is clearly a very attractive choice.”

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