• 16.
    Given that SA is a water-stressed country, prepaid water meters may be the answer to more sustainable water consumption and management, says Marcus Thulsidas, director: Business Development at Utility Systems.
  • 15.
    Rolling out 5G coverage countrywide is not a cheap exercise, and will require major resources and infrastructure, says Turrito Networks.
  • 11.
    In addition to misappropriated money, today there is HR fraud, IP and data theft, and business misconduct, says Graham Reid, skills, development and training manager at Sebata Municipal Solutions.


  • 27.
    It's no time to dress the South African Reserve Bank in Emperor's New Clothes, says Greg Morris, CEO, Sebata Group Holdings.
  • 05.
    The process of listing a company on the JSE can be complex and costly. Here's what you need to consider, says Greg Morris, CEO of Sebata Holdings.


  • 19.
    Does national government's equitable share allocation bolster municipal service delivery? asks Carl Stroud, CEO of Sebata Software Solutions.
  • 04.
    Money means little if staff are overworked and don't have the time or energy to enjoy the financial rewards they receive, says Greg Morris, CEO of Sebata Holdings.