• 11.
    Workers who don’t use annual leave create a problem because accrued leave pay is registered in the company's books as a debt, says Greg Morris, CEO of Sebata Holdings.


  • 29.
    The WMD Mk5 can tackle water management challenges by wirelessly transmitting data to municipalities or water service provider databases and receiving commands remotely.
  • 26.
    Resilience must be built into organisational culture, with leaders motivating employees to build habits that help them to recover faster from setbacks they encounter, says Khanyisile Moses, Group HR Director: Sebata Holdings.
  • 20.
    Sebata's Skills Development Centre specialises in training unemployed youth, municipal employees and corporate clients, and the MCSA is rooted in teaching core technical skills, says Graham Reid, Skills Development and Training Manager at Sebata.
  • 19.
    Your data has already been compromised, but you can prevent further breaches by educating yourself about the risks and being less trusting, says Brian Timperley, CEO of Turrito Networks.


  • 23.
    Should Moody's downgrade our credit rating next month, SA could drop to junk status, plunging the country into social and economic instability, says Greg Morris, CEO of Sebata Group Holdings.
  • 16.
    Share price is the starting point; value calculations should be based on the critical success factors that are specific to the firm’s environment, says Greg Morris, CEO, Sebata Group Holdings.





  • 16.
    Given that SA is a water-stressed country, prepaid water meters may be the answer to more sustainable water consumption and management, says Marcus Thulsidas, director: Business Development at Utility Systems.
  • 15.
    Rolling out 5G coverage countrywide is not a cheap exercise, and will require major resources and infrastructure, says Turrito Networks.
  • 11.
    In addition to misappropriated money, today there is HR fraud, IP and data theft, and business misconduct, says Graham Reid, skills, development and training manager at Sebata Municipal Solutions.


  • 27.
    It's no time to dress the South African Reserve Bank in Emperor's New Clothes, says Greg Morris, CEO, Sebata Group Holdings.
  • 05.
    The process of listing a company on the JSE can be complex and costly. Here's what you need to consider, says Greg Morris, CEO of Sebata Holdings.


  • 19.
    Does national government's equitable share allocation bolster municipal service delivery? asks Carl Stroud, CEO of Sebata Software Solutions.
  • 04.
    Money means little if staff are overworked and don't have the time or energy to enjoy the financial rewards they receive, says Greg Morris, CEO of Sebata Holdings.