White paper: Agility: The strategic imperative to survive and thrive in volatile times

Johannesburg, 25 Feb 2021
Read time 40sec

The strategic importance of agility is clear to many executives, with IDC's Agility Benchmark Survey 2020 showing that 90% of CEOs consider it very or extremely important for their success. What's been less clear, however, is the quantitative impact of agility on organisations' top-line, bottom-line and other holistic performance indicators.

IDC research shows that agile organisations outperform non-agile organisations across several indicators, from profitability to customers and talent – providing solid ground to build the business case for agility in European enterprises.

Market conditions and rapid innovation cycles in disruptive players are changing the rules of the game – an evolutionary game in which the fittest will not only survive, but also outperform their competitors.